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Though it’s extremely short-sighted, the truth is that a majority of web design agencies are one and done. Most of them never look past the website build and so they don’t become invested in their client’s success. This can result in high prices for minimal effort and a website that does not operate profitably. We aren’t like that. At Effect Web Agency, the priority is helping other businesses grow and succeed.

Steve Schmidt, the owner at Effect Web Agency, summarizes the goal of the company in one simple statement: “Effect wants to be known as a company that is easy to work with and gets results. Since 2004, Effect has worked to build a reputation with clients as the easy-to-work-with, results-driven, marketing-infused website solution that typical web techies aren’t.

Our Business Philosophy

Effect’s good reputation among clients flows directly out of these two facts:

1. Effect Web Agency is Easy to Work With.

No matter what level of web expertise a client holds, Effect ensures that the whole process is simple and manageable. This process involves asking questions, helping customers identify their needs, what we have to offer, and what they hope to achieve. Once we establish the client’s goals, Effect Web Agency lays out a goal-oriented plan that’s designed to fit within the client’s budget.

This plan integrates web design with SEO, Google AdWords, social media, and content marketing.

2. Effect Web Agency Focuses on Results.

Additionally, our web agency allows its reputation to speak for itself. We actively shun “sales talk” designed to lure clients in with empty promises and hyperbole. Instead, the proof can be found in the results.

Here are a few examples of our successes at Effect Web Agency:

  • 30,000 New Visitors in One Month – Housing Manufacturer
  • 28% Increase in Landing Page Responses – Law Firm
  • 75% increase in Social Marketing Traffic – Cable Company
  • 37% increase in #1 Google Ranked Keywords for a Single Firm – Architectural Company
  • #1 Spots for Local Companies – Local Service Company

Effect’s results are measurable. Our portfolio is full of success stories, and our customers’ testimonials speak very highly of their work. This alone sets Effect Web Agency apart from most web design firms.

3. Effect Web Agency Cares About Your Future

Whereas other digital marketing agencies only focus on the immediate results and receiving payment, Effect Web Agency works to set you up for continued success down the road. Rather than offering pre-planned solutions, we sincerely listen to the needs and wants of our customers, and then provide a custom-tailored solution to help create the online presence they desire! By choosing to partner with Effect, you are setting yourself up for success and working to create a website you can be truly happy with!

Steve Schmidt also says this: “We want to act as a true long-term web partner by improving traffic, identifying priorities and opportunities, updating security, and keeping the client informed of changes that will produce better results.

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