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Effect Web Agency has helped business owners increase their online visibility for over fifteen years. Most of our clients come to us with unique goals and challenges but working together we have been able to craft strategic ways to help them grow their businesses. We would like to share some of our client success stories with you in the hopes that it might inspire you to set even higher goals for your own companies.

Client Success Stories: UX Design for E-Commerce

Increases Customer Retention & Engagement

horse image from stone horses app

When it comes to e-commerce, you must understand that selling goods is just one of the many goals of the website. What stakeholders really want is to have the user buy again and again. User retention makes real growth possible and positive user experience is a key to retention.

UX Design for E-Commerce first focuses on helping the user find the products or services they need. The second most important thing is the usability of the website. Is the customer journey clear and easy? Accessibility is also important, as is desirability. Does the site look good and provide an enjoyable experience?

E-Commerce Website + Mobile App

In August 2018, Stone Horses Inc. announced the launch of its new app for horse-collecting enthusiasts. With the launch of this app, customers gained mobile access to sales information, new releases, and live events. This was a first-time app launch from Stone Horses with a goal of supporting customer interest in the brand.

Prior to launching the app, Stone Horses also underwent an extensive website revision. This revision focused on allowing a better display of the Stone Horses products and an intuitive user experience.

“One of the critical components to good website design starts by listening. We listened to how the team at Stone Horses wanted to engage with customers, and that impacted the finished design. Although a small company, Stone Horses has a global reach, so our design team at Effect understood that the design of the new website needed to achieve world-class quality for the Stone Horses product. Whether people come to Stone Horses events or interact with them on the app Effect designed, every customer needs to know that Stone Horses value them – and we hope the new Stone Horses website and app make them feel right at home.”

Steve Schmidt, Effect Web Agency


Client Success Stories: Local Optimization

Increases Web Traffic


A few years ago Plain City, OH-based Nofziger Doors wanted to use online marketing to reach a broader urban community in Dublin, OH with their garage door sales and services. They came to Effect to with these goals in mind.

We advised them to refresh their website and add local optimization, which was particularly relevant for their goals.

“After local optimization… we are earning new customers every week.”

The first step for their local optimization meant adding local listings to about 16 main search engines. These included Google, Bing, and Yahoo. We then added their company to approximately 150 relevant directory listings and online phone books to improve online visibility and domain authority.

The second step was to optimize their website with keywords and content for their target service area.

“In a highly competitive urban environment, hovering near the top of search results for your trade makes the difference between being a slow, stagnant business and having a busy phone line!  After optimization of our website, a search in our area works out very well for us and we are earning new customers every week.”

seo results

Local SEO Strategies

If you have a brick and mortar location, then local optimization is a very effective strategy for you to consider. Local optimization also works well to define service areas within a region. In most local optimizations, it requires a one-time effort. A single investment can deliver big results.

Website Redesign

Small Changes = Big Rewards

Steve Kasten is a dog trainer in Elkhart, Indiana.  His website was getting traffic but he wasn’t seeing the conversions he wanted. So Steve came to Effect and asked for a website assessment in order to find out what was needed to reach his goals.

Effect’s principles for web success are the same for both large and small businesses and B2C or B2B. The process begins by defining goals.

We learned about Steve’s goals for gaining web leads, and assessed his website in that light, reviewing the critical factors that impact results.  With this assessment, we identified a number of adjustments that would make a significant difference for the conversion of Steve’s visitors into web leads (in this case, giving Steve a call or submitting an inquiry through his web form).

website redesign

Client Success Stories: SEO & CRO

Search engine optimization (SEO) increases visibility in the SERP and conversion rate optimization (CRO) increases the number of people who click-through to the site. Once there, CRO is designed to move visitors further along in their buyer journey.

For the Kasten website, we combined SEO and CRO strategies to increase visibility and convince people to call for services.

  • Keyword research and implementation. By his titles and headings with targeted keywords, his Google ranking improved and he reached the right people, at the right time, with the right message.
  • Steve’s ultimate goal was to get a prospect to call.  So we added his phone number to the SEO titles for most of his web pages so the phone number actually showed right there in the Google results.
  • Putting his call to action (which also clarified expectations for the potential customer) into the sidebar on every page put the next step of the buyer journey clearly where every visitor could see it.
  • We setup Local Listings for Kasten Dog Training.  This ensured that local customers could find him when they were looking for precisely what he offers.
  • By creating new landing pages for his Google Ads, we were able to send people to landing pages  relevant to each ad rather than sending people to the general homepage, where they might get lost in details other than what drew them to follow the ad in the first place.
  • Adding more images throughout the site helped people visualize the solution that Steve’s services would bring to them.

These suggestions are great examples of the simple go-to solutions we implement for many of our clients with wonderful results. Sometimes it is relatively small tweaks that make a world of difference.

Boy, did it work! Effect customized a plan and clearly guided me through the process. We’ve had more web leads in 6 months than the entire previous 3 years!”

E-Commerce Integration

Save Time and Money

chaneco site

Simply put, eCommerce integration coordinates a company’s website with the back-end accounting and inventory (ERP) system. This enables the flow of information between the two systems so that data only needs to be entered once.

Several years ago, Chaneco, a leading orthopedic footwear company in the UK, had found that their growth potential had hit limits without an effective eCommerce site. When they opened a whole new department of orthotic products, they knew they needed a  website with a  catalog of product information that could facilitate sales of their new products.

chaneco site

UX Design & ERP Integration

Effect partnered with Chaneco to develop an eCommerce site that would make the ordering experience very simple. Because most of Chaneco’s products are made to order, customers could easily choose from a number of custom options. Effect also developed the eCommerce site to integrate with Chaneco’s internal inventory system, thus streamlining the ordering process all the way to the manufacturing process.

logo Effect Web Agency

Working with Effect, you will experience a different type of web agency partnership. You will find us easy to work with, results-driven, and focused on wielding the right tools to build your business.  We are the highest-rated web design and web marketing company in northern Indiana and one of the few web design companies that offer a full package of services tailored to your needs.  Contact us if you would like to create online strategies for business growth that align with your goals.

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