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If you Google the term “SEO Services,” you’ll find that there are tens of thousands of digital marketers claiming they can get you to #1 in the search results. Yet, for companies based in Indiana, we can show that Effect is the best choice for search engine optimization. That’s because we offer proven results. You can see real results from companies just like yours from all industries and cities across the United States. As a matter of fact, many of our clients start seeing improvements in their Google ranking in as little as 4 weeks.

Moved top keyword to #1 from #20 in 60 days


More Local Search Traffic in 1 month
Local Service Provider


Increase Keywords in Top 3 in one year
Branding Company


More Organic Search Traffic in 6 months
Dog Training Company

Additional Visitors / Month

Organic Search Engine Optimization

Increase Response Rate on Legal Landing Page

Landing Page Optimization
Law Firm

#1 & #2
Google Ranking in Primary Cities from no prior visible ranking

Search Engine Optimization
Local Service Company

on Google in key cities & keywords
Law Firm
seo results

Effect Uses an Integrated Approach to Search Engine Optimization


Other companies only focus on increasing keyword density as part of their SEO strategy. At Effect Web Agency, we incorporate all FOUR types of search engine optimization to provide lasting results and better customer engagement.

We fix backend coding issues that might keep your site from ranking on Google.

SEO specialists perform advanced keyword research and improve placement and density, so that you will rank higher in Google’s search results.

Reverse engineer your competitor’s websites, monitor backlinks, and improve the quality of your local listings for a more strategic position.

Our content writers generate high-quality, original content that will engage your clients and improve your relevance in online searches.

Questions & Answers

Unfortunately, certain things are out of our control. Google frequently changes their algorithm. The local competition comes and goes and economies change.  SEO is not a one-and-done strategy. Instead, it is an ongoing, responsive element of digital marketing.

Because of this, we cannot guarantee things like “#1 on Google” and you should be wary of those that do. The only way to “guarantee” that you stay at #1 is to pay a premium for AdWords. 

However we do guarantee the following:

  • You will receive personal attention from a highly-qualified team, dedicated to promoting your business through online channels.
  • We will communicate openly and honestly about what is working and what is not. You will always know exactly how your website is performing.
  • Our team will stay on top of SEO best practices and industry news so that you stand the best chance of reaching that #1 spot.

You can call us on the phone or contact us through our website. We will set up a time to go over your needs and goals and show you how Effect Web Agency can help you meet them. We can meet in person, by phone, or through video conferencing. We are easy to work with and focused on what works best for you.

SEO Services & Packages

An Indiana Web Design company, Effect serves clients globally.

Phase #1

Build the foundation of good SEO and see immediate improvement in your rankings.

  • Business consultation to determine online goals and how your website fits into your overall business strategy.
  • SEO Audit to identify and fix Technical SEO issues and establish a baseline for ongoing SEO work.
  • Advanced Keyword Research and On-Page SEO to improve ranking for primary keywords and markets.
  • Development of a Blog or Resource section and the writing of (2) in-depth articles optimized and relevant to your customers.
  • Local optimization through the creation of (2) City+Keyword pages or if you serve national markets (2) Industry+keyword pages to reach specific targets.
  • Add alt text to landing page images using primary keywords.
  • Evaluate and fix internal site structure for better SEO and conversions.

Phase #2

Set SMART and Stretch goals for SEO and implement both On-Page and Off-Page SEO .

  • Identify primary competitors and reverse engineer their sites to identify "low hanging fruit" for you.
  • Conduct a content audit and integrate other digital marketing channels with SEO to create even better results.
  • Continue to publish in-depth, original content written around specific keywords that will attract and convert leads.
  • Run a backlink audit and disavow toxic backlinks and identify profitable opportunities for partnerships.
  • Develop and implement a Data-driven Marketing Plan tailored specifically for your business, focusing on SEO, content marketing, and AdWords.
  • Monthly reports showing improvements in ranking and website traffic.

Phase #3

Implement targeted SEO campaigns for specific products or services.

  • Conduct advanced keyword and topic research for the promotion of specific products and services.
  • Create landing pages to promote those products or services that are fully optimized for the appropriate keywords.
  • Integrate a content marketing campaign to promote those products or services that includes SEO articles, video, social media promotion, AdWords, and email campaigns.
  • Continue to monitor website performance and create City+Keyword pages as needed.
  • Run quarterly site audits and fix issues as required.
  • Monitor keyword ranking and seek to improve secondary keywords through On-Page SEO.
  • Monthly reports to show improvements in ranking and website traffic using premium tools for the most up-to-date and thorough analysis of your site's SEO.

More Information Regarding Local SEO in Indiana

Are you a business in the Indianapolis Metro Area, serving local markets? If so, then we have more information on how you can reach the right people with the right message using our proven SEO process.

SEO Services

Clarify goals and identify the best options.

Consult with Steve Schmidt, Web Advisor and Team Leader at Effect.

Steve has collaborated with web marketing professionals on how to create profitable websites for over 12 years. He holds certifications from MecLabs designing effective landing pages.

His team includes specialists in web design, web development, website marketing, and content services. Effect Web Agency is a full-service digital agency.

Effect partners with clients across Indiana: Granger, Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, South Bend, Elkhart, WarsawMiddlebury, Nappanee, and Goshen.

Also, we service companies throughout the United States and around the world.

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