Upkeep Package

WordPress & Security Updates + SEO Checks

A new and easier way to stay on top of WordPress updates and security

In the past, we would contact you when a major WordPress update occurred and go through the laborious process of notifying you of the new release, asking if you wanted the update, and then scheduling the maintenance.

As a result, it might be weeks after an update before your site was secured and since WordPress does not update on a set schedule, you could go months between theme and plugin updates.

This could cause things to break and made your site vulnerable to attack through outdated plugins.

So, we listened to our customers and we have come up with a better way. This will not only keep you up to date and secure, but it will also save you money.

We are calling it our Stay Safe, Secure & Updated Package or “Upkeep Package” (for short)

Take a look at the benefits.

Featured Benefit Upkeep Package Hourly Rate
Update WordPress & Plugins Quarterly Only after a major WP Update
Update Theme (if no custom work) (hourly)
Testing after updates (by a human)
Automatic updates of trusted plugins after every release
No Downtime - Updates are made after 7 pm EST
(if possible)
Clean up the plugins no longer in use
Manual inspection of pages for mobile friendliness 5 pages/year
Additional Firewall rules and ability to block countries
Quarterly Check for any “Page Not Founds”
Making sure Google is able to index the site Quarterly
Ensuring the site stays secure and shows padlock
Domain name accidental expiration check
Check for penalties (manual actions) by Google
Quarterly Traffic Report on website visitors so you’re in the know
Check for broken images and report
Quick Malware Response - we immediately get to work cleaning it up
Cost Flat $550/year $125/hour Ave. $350 to $1125  /year
More features coming soon On average, a WP update takes 1-3 hours and occurs 2-3 times a year

If you'd like to subscribe to our quarterly upkeep package, just contact us.

Because we have seen first hand what can happen when a site is not secure, we are stressing to all of our clients how important updates can be. Just an ounce of prevention (the Upkeep Package) can prevent the “pound of cure” that could cost you more to fix, but also downtime, and possible liability if there is a security breach.

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