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Are you looking to recruit new talent for your company? Do you post your current job openings on your website? Then you need to optimize your job postings so that they appear on Google Jobs! Google Jobs is a new feature from Google that makes it easier to find jobs on the web. Google Jobs aims to give employers a better way to advertise their openings. Google Jobs is a great tool that helps job seekers find employment opportunities and helps employers attract candidates who are searching for employment. Here’s how to get your job postings listed on Google Jobs!

How to Use Google Jobs

Google Jobs does not allow employers to post jobs directly to the service. Rather, Google Jobs collects, organizes, and displays job listings from various job boards and career pages. There are two primary ways to get your job postings listed on Google Jobs. The first way to get your job postings listed on Google Jobs is by using a third-party job website like Indeed or LinkedIn. These sites have already integrated their job posting content with Google Jobs, so your listing will automatically appear. The second way is by integrating your job posting site with Google. This is the most reliable way to ensure that Google indexes your job postings. Follow these steps to get your job postings listed on Google Jobs:

  • Check your robots.txt file to ensure Google can crawl your Career Page and any listings.
  • Build your listing and include the required data
    • Job Title
    • Location
    • Date Posted
    • Description
    • Hiring Organization
    • Base Salary or Salary Range
    • How long the posting is valid
  • Put the required structured data on the detail page. This will make the posting eligible to show up in Google Jobs.
  • Update and submit daily sitemaps so that Google can stay informed on the status of your job opening.

Additionally, Optimize your job descriptions for search engines so your posting ranks higher in the search results!

What Happens if You Don’t Remove a Filled Position?

After finding the perfect new hire, remove the job posting from your site as soon as possible. Google penalizes sites that do not promptly remove filled positions because it decreases the reliability of Google Jobs. Failing to remove a filled position may cause your site to be removed from Google Jobs or demoted in position. 

How to Remove a Job Posting

There are three ways to remove a position that is no longer open:

  • Ensure that the date you entered for “how long the posting is valid” is past.
  • Remove the detail page entirely from your website.
  • Remove the structured data from the detail page

Once you have removed the listing, you must submit an updated sitemap to Google so that Google Jobs does not include the removed listing.

Why Bother with Getting your Job Postings Listed on Google Jobs?

Adding structured data, like job titles and base salaries, to your website’s job postings can help you in several ways. First, you will be prominent in Google Jobs’ search results. Through your job postings, you can display your logo, reviews, and even information about your company that may reach a wider audience. Google Jobs will draw motivated applicants and give credibility to your company. Google Jobs allows job seekers to filter various criteria like location and job title, meaning you are more likely to get applicants that are looking exactly for your job opening. Finally, you should see an increase in the amount of traffic you draw to your Careers Page. An increase in website traffic, no matter the landing page, will boost your whole site’s Google rank.

If you want to know more about increasing website traffic or how to improve the performance of your landing pages, contact Effect Web Agency. We have proven methods for improving Google Rank, and we can help you structure your job postings so they show on Google Jobs and improve your website’s ranking!

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