How to Use a Custom App for Marketing

One advantage of small businesses is the ability to interact freely with customers. Stone Horses, a company that designs intricate model horses, has utilized that freedom in an efficient way. Rather than depend on a third-party application, like Facebook, they had Effect develop a custom app for their clients.

Augmenting Facebook with a Custom App

They have a large following on Facebook; however, Facebook is not always reliable. If anything changes in the website algorithm, policies, etc., you’re at their mercy depending on how users respond.

Stone Horses is combating that by investing in a new method of customer interaction: a custom app. While apps are typically designed for the most loyal customers, they provide a great means of informing and rewarding those people. They do this by notifying customers of:

  • Flash sales
  • New products
  • Limited time offers

By using an app as well as Facebook, Stone Horses is not solely dependent on that website to keep alive their customer interaction. Developing their own, clean, client-friendly app gives them control over what their customers see, no matter what Facebook does.

The Stone Horses app is a simple example of the positive impact using a variety of marketing methods can have on your business.

Here at Effect Web Agency, our main goal is to see businesses succeed using simple, effective methods that result in a bigger and more satisfied customer base.

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