Stone Horses Launches New App


Shipshewana, Indiana, August 26, 2018 – Stone Horses Inc. is proud to announce the launch of their new app for horse-collecting enthusiasts. The debut Stone Horses app is available at or via Google Play and the iTunes App Store.

With the launch of this app, customers can have mobile access to sales information, new releases, and live events. This is a first-time app launch from Stone Horses with a goal of supporting customer interest in the brand.

Prior to launching the app, Stone Horses also underwent an extensive website revision. This revision focused on allowing a better display of the Stone Horses products and an intuitive user experience. A local website developer, Effect Web Agency designed and supported both digital projects.

“One of the critical components to good website design starts by listening. We listened to how the team at Stone Horses wanted to engage with customers, and that impacted the finished design,” notes Effect president, Steve Schmidt. “Although a small company, Stone Horses has a global reach, so our design team at Effect understood that the design of the new website needed to achieve world-class quality for the Stone Horses product. Whether people come to Stone Horses events or interact with them on the app Effect designed, every customer needs to know that Stone Horses value them – and we hope the new Stone Horses website and app make them feel right at home.”

About Stone Horses

For two generations, Stone Horses has proudly produced their products in the USA. Stone Horses has headquarters in Shipshewana, Indiana, in the heart of the Midwest, where craftsmanship remains an art form. They hand-craft each horse using a resin foundation that allows artisans to carefully mold, shape or carve intricate horse body details. Afterward, they take the sculptures through a proprietary finishing process. This craftsmanship and finish detail are what make Stone Horses highly sought after by collectors from all over the world who seek the highest quality model horse sculptures. You can find more information at

About Effect Web Agency

Effect is an Indiana- based website development firm specializing in effective design, audience attraction and site conversion. Effect Web Agency has designed sites both large and small for more than 15 years. Effect’s team takes pride in the trust customers place in them to help make SEO-focused, user-friendly websites. This is evidenced by their the high percentage of customer referrals. More information can be found at

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