Integrating Your UVP into Your Website Design


One of our strategies here at Effect is to personalize websites to the company they represent. We use the same guided process for each website we help redesign, but we first examine the company’s unique value proposition (their key marketing point) so that it can be clearly and effectively presented to the consumer.

A good example of this is the website we have redesigned for Weaver Furniture Sales.

Put Yourself in Your Client’s Shoes

Imagine that you are walking into a real furniture store; chances are, you do not know exactly what you want. You are browsing, attempting to gain a general idea of what you like best and on what to spend your money. The store’s employees do not rush you; they are there to help you make the right decision.

Our approach to the Weaver Furniture Sales website is similar. The company’s key marketing point is that they have a lot of furniture, and it is all customizable. Therefore, we presented this concept in a no-pressure way.

How did we achieve this?

After making the website more customer-friendly (easier access, shortcuts, etc.), we made it so that customers can get the “browse” effect without feeling the pressure to put things in their cart.

If they are interested in a type of wood or style, they can mark it without making the declaration that, “Yes, this is definitely exactly what I want.” They can also contact customer service representatives with questions such as, “Do you have so-and-so style of wood?”

Typically, the customer has an interest in several styles and wants to explore their options.

Allowing consumers to shop like this allows for:

  • A no-pressure experience
  • Easy organization
  • A better customer service experience

That last bullet is key. Everything on the website is database-driven, so customer service representatives can go back and refer to the customer’s “favorites” and then contact them with information, suggestions, estimates, etc. This provides a better and more helpful experience for everyone.

At Effect, our main goal is to see business owners succeed using a variety of creative and effective methods. By communicating their key marketing point, we helped Weaver Furniture Sales do just that.

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