What’s New With WP 5.8.1

WP 5.8 was a major WordPress update that released in July. It brought several new updates including changes to the block editor, widget editor, and WebP image support, as well as much more. However, the update wasn’t without its issues, and the WP 5.8.1 update was released to address up to 42 different bugs as well as three different security issues. These updates help provide a better version of the WP 5.8 update. Here’s what’s new with WP 5.8.1.


As previously mentioned, the WP 5.8.1 update works to fix 42 different bugs found in July’s release. Version 5.8.1 is simply a short-cycle release that addresses these issues. The next big release will still be 5.9.

Affected areas addressed in the bug fix include:

  • Build/test tools – 3
  • Bundle theme – 3
  • Customize – 2
  • Editor – 10
  • External libraries – 3
  • Filesystem API – 1
  • Help/about – 2
  • Media – 9
  • Menus – 2
  • Script loader – 1
  • Themes – 2
  • Upgrade/install – 2
  • Widgets – 2

Addressing these bugs has improved the user experience for those using WordPress and has smoothed out several of the features introduced in the previous update.

Security Issues

Aside from bug fixes, WP 5.8.1 also addressed three different security issues. According to WordPress, those issues are:

  • Props @mdawaffe, member of the WordPress Security Team, for their work fixing a data exposure vulnerability within the REST API.
  • Props to Michał Bentkowski of Securitum for reporting a XSS vulnerability in the block editor.
  • The Lodash library was updated to version 4.17.21 in each branch to incorporate upstream security fixes.

Furthermore, even if you haven’t updated to WP 5.8 yet, all versions back to 5.4 have been updated, addressing these issues. 

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