What’s New With WP 5.7

WordPress 5.7 was released on March 9th, 2021. It was this year’s first major release and brought with it several new features and improvements. Here’s what’s new with WP 5.7!

Editor Improvements

WP 5.7 brought with it several editor improvements, making it far more effective than the previous 5.6 update. These are meant to make it easier for editors to customize and enhance the overall editing experience. Here are a few!

Dragging And Dropping Blocks From Inserter

WP 5.7 lets you drag and drop a new block from the “Add new block” inserter. This allows you to choose where to place a block before dropping it on the post canvas.

Full Height Blocks

Full-width blocks can already be used for cover, columns, and group blocks. But now you can use full-height blocks as well to create even better layouts.

Social Icon Sizes

WP 5.7 allows you to choose and customize the size of social icon buttons. 

Button Improvement 

Buttons can now be sorted with vertical alignment. You can also choose from a preset percentage width. 

Adjustable Font Size

Yet another improvement of WP 5.7 is the ability to customize font size in the block editor.

Easier Movement From HTTP To HTTPS

In previous versions of WordPress, you had to manually move HTTP to HTTPS by updating the URLs embedded in your content. Now you can more easily move one to the other as the availability of HTTPS will show up as a critical site issue. Under “tools” simply click update URLs without having to manually change each one.

Standardized Color Pallet For WP-Admins

Another improvement of WP 5.7 is the standardization of its color pallet. WordPress has previously had a relatively limited set of color schemes. This update has collapsed the color schemes in the CSS and therefore providing a pallet with a wider range of light and dark color options.

Robots API

This Robots APT allows developers to update and control the Robots meta tag on a website. Robots meta tags let you tell search engine bots how to crawl and index your site. Developers can now edit the robots meta tag by adding their own filters to the function. 

Lazy Loading iFrames

Lazy Loading is the technique by which you can improve your website speed during a page load. Essentially it tells the user’s browser to load items when they are viewed. Due to this update, all embeds using iframes, like YouTube videos, will use lazing loading as a way to improve your page loading speed.

WP 5.7 brought several new updates advantageous for web developers. Understanding these changes is a key way to improve your site and improve your online presence!

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