What Is A Backlink And How Do They Help?


Backlinks are an incredibly useful tool for SEO. They help your website rank higher and therefore provide your site with more traffic. If you’re unfamiliar with them, don’t worry. Understanding backlinks and how they affect rankings is relatively simple. Once you understand the process of acquiring backlinks, then you can use them to help boost your SEO ratings on search engines like Google and Bing. 

What Is A Backlink?

Backlinks are essential if you want to acquire free organic traffic for your site. A backlink is simply when one website links back to another. For instance, if you’re reading an article online and someone cites their information by posting a link to another website, that’s a backlink. Backlinks connect two websites together, and this gives them more authority when analyzed by a search engine. In theory, the more backlinks you have, the more credibility your site has, and therefore your rankings will likely improve.

How Do They Help?

Backlinks are tremendously helpful in that they generate additional organic traffic for your site. When two sites are connected via a backlink, their web presence is increased as search engines like Google will relate each site’s information with the other. 

How To Obtain Backlinks

Obtaining backlinks is easy and therefore well worth your time. Here are several ways to go about obtaining links back to your site.

  • Internet Directories

Just as a phone book contains information about people and businesses in the area, there are online directories with information about different sites. There are thousands of internet directories you can utilize for free that will link to your site. This not only increases your traffic from those who click the link but also increases your internet presence by boosting your SEO rating.

  • Link Exchange Services

There are services dedicated to boosting your SEO by generating links between sites. Link exchange services take two sites and link them to each other. It’s a mutually beneficial service that helps generate links to your site. 

  • Publish Original Content/Research

One of the best ways to generate links is to publish original content on your website. When you publish studies or data that is original with you, everyone who wants to use it has to cite your page as the source. Depending on how relevant your study is, this could potentially generate hundreds of backlinks to your site. 

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