How Directory Listings Affect SEO


When it comes to SEO, the ultimate goal is to generate more traffic on the website. This is done by optimizing the website to give it a higher ranking in search results. While this is an effective means of improving site traffic, it is not the only way to help your business. Given the importance of SEO, you want to make sure you do everything you can to increase awareness of your site and company. Another effective way to accomplish this is to utilize directory listings.

What Are Directory Listings?

Directory listings serve essentially as an online phone book. They contain detailed information about websites such as name, phone number, address, and web address. This is an excellent resource as it helps put your company and website before the eyes of others. There are thousands of directory listings out there, and while some charge for their service, there are several which are free to use. Tapping into this resource is an excellent idea and a relatively simple step towards improving your SEO ranking. 

How Do They Affect SEO?

Directory listings affect SEO by bringing your website up even when people haven’t searched for you specifically. Studies show that 85% of people use the internet as a means to find local businesses. However, when they make this search, they often are looking for a service or topic rather than a specific company. Directory listings will bring up a list of websites that can potentially answer their questions or meet their needs. So it stands to reason that the more internet presence you have, the greater your chance is to bring in potential clients. Getting yourself on a directory listing will allow you to reach a brand new group of consumers. 

How To Choose The Right Directory Listing

Maybe at this point, you’re scratching your head wondering how you can incorporate directory listings into your SEO. Thankfully, it is a simple process. First, you want to make sure to pick a high-quality directory. Not all directories are the same and you don’t want to pick a poor listing as that could cause harm to your website and business. It’s typically a good idea to try to find a listing that is managed by a person rather than a computer as they can more likely ensure high-quality listings. Also, stay away from listings that are open to everyone as your website will likely be listed with spam listings. This could reflect poorly on your company. To find a qualified directory listing you’ll want to check their domain authority. This can easily be done by utilizing a tool known as a domain authority checker. After finding a good directory, you’ll want to go ahead and submit your business listing. Be sure to carefully go over your information before submitting it as you’ll want your information to match up with any other listings you’ve submitted. 

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