Email Marketing Only Works if They Open the Email

One thing that hasn’t changed in the ever-changing digital marketplace is the effectiveness of email marketing. Email marketing is up to 40 times more effective than social media, according to a study done by McKinsey & Company. Yet, for it to be effective, you have to get your email out of spam and catch the attention of your target. Then you have to spur their interest enough to get them to commit to the click.

Unfortunately, studies show that the average email open rate across all industries is only 20%. How can you improve on that?

Subject Line = Bait

The subject line has to build interest. One study shows that 35% of email recipients open emails based on the subject line alone.

  • State the value of your email clearly. If it’s an exclusive offer, say so. If you need to communicate important information, say so.
  • Build curiosity or promise information that could benefit them (e.g. “How to hold an engaging meeting”).

Typically, shorter subject lines are better. Use descriptive vocabulary, and quickly sum up the essential part of the message. Your subject line is your first impression and should get their attention.

Your most effective email campaigns will target specific segments of your mailing list. Even though emails work best when targeted, we find that many companies continue to send out blanket mailings to every address they’ve gathered.

Don’t Waste Their Time

If your clients continually receive information that doesn’t benefit them in a meaningful way, they will quit reading, regardless of what your subject line promises.  You can get people to open your emails by including valuable information, exclusive offers, or links to new products.

Once you target a group to receive an email campaign, you need to identify what will motivate the clients within that group. Their desires also help pinpoint what sort of media could cause the best response.

Here are some examples:

  • A short message with an engaging visual, accompanied by an offer
  • Exciting news and a Call-to-Action for next steps
  • A link for viewing more information or watching a video

Email Marketing Should Get to the Point

An email should be short and easy to read. Focus on a single theme or idea. Create a short (very short) intro and then deliver the goods. You can use bullet points or numbered lists to communicate information. If the topic is too involved, consider summarizing and then adding a link to a more detailed article on your website. If you struggle with keeping your emails short and simple, use this template:

  • Define who the email is targeting, why (their benefits), and what you would like them to do after reading it.
  • Write a short intro paragraph that neatly summarizes all that (written to the recipient).
  • Present the offer/information or link to outside sources.
  • Make it EASY for them to accomplish what you would like them to do after reading your email.

Following this format is one of many ways that you can improve the flow and content of your emails.

If you need help with email marketing, don’t hesitate to call us. Effect Web Agency helps local businesses increase their digital footprint through content and digital marketing.

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