5 Things Every Marketing Plan Needs


Marketing is an excellent way to get people to notice your products and services. Without marketing, you likely wouldn’t be able to reach a wide audience. Digital marketing allows you to tailor your online presence in a way that increases your online visibility and relevancy for consumers, but do you know what your marketing plan needs?

Marketing plans are a great idea, but implementing them can be difficult. Understanding what makes a marketing plan effective doesn’t come naturally to everyone, so you may find yourself having questions. Thankfully, there are a few key areas that every successful marketing campaign should focus on. Here are 5 things every marketing plan needs.

Focus On Your Market

If you’re honest with yourself, not everyone needs your company’s services. So the goal of your marketing plan should be to focus entirely on the individuals who do benefit from your products or services. 

Think about who would benefit from your company, and focus on reaching them through your marketing campaign. Although this may seem awkward at first, it can be easily accomplished by considering your products.

Consider Your Products

Before considering your target market, you need to evaluate your products and services. Who stands to benefit from what you have to offer? Analyzing your products will give you insight into who you should be focusing on in your marketing plan. 

For example, consider a company that produces golfing equipment. Who stands to benefit from that company? Golfers. Therefore the marketing plan for the company should focus on that specific target audience.

This process can be made even more narrow by establishing who the “golfers” are. There’s data and statistics for different fields that should give you insight into who is buying what you sell. But consider the golfing equipment. A marketing plan that focuses on retirement-age men, rather than college-age women would probably be more effective. 

Make Sure Your Plan Is Detailed And Measurable

Business metrics are an essential part of company growth, and your marketing plan is no exception. In order to implement a successful marketing plan, you need to be able to track its progress. This means that your plan should include detailed and measurable goals.

For example, “increase company sales” is a terrible goal. It’s vague and doesn’t have any structure. Instead, consider “increase company profit by x% by the end of Q2”. 

This small change allows you to see whether you’re on track for your annual goals or not.

Stay Accountable

Be honest with yourself about what’s working and what isn’t. In order to improve, you need to stay accountable to yourself and others. Don’t excuse poor performance. Find the reason why processes aren’t working well and why goals aren’t being met. Then, it’s your responsibility to change those negative outcomes.

Constantly Improve

When you stay accountable to yourself and others, you have to focus on the aspects of your company that are underperforming. Your business should be constantly improving and a successful marketing plan will help make that happen. 

Don’t be afraid to edit your plan throughout the campaign in order to accommodate unforeseen issues and problems. Your goal should be continuous improvement, which will require constant change and the ability to adapt.

Although every marketing campaign is a little different, these are a few of the core components that should be a part of every successful marketing plan. If you need help developing a plan or implementing a current strategy, reach out to a digital marketing expert today!

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