WooCommerce – Variable Products

if you have a product that has different
variations of it it’s you know a product
that a good example is a t-shirt
t-shirts have different sizes different
colors different designs and so you want
to set up you know one product but
different variations so that you don’t
have so that you don’t have to fill your
you know you don’t have to fill up your
your online store with you know hundreds
and hundreds of products all you know
one product being a black medium shirt
another product being a black large sure
you know you want to group them together
into one product but have different
variations and then that would then you
know allow the person to then let’s
actually go out to a product here to
then choose you know their own size
their own colors that are still a part
of the you know the same product they
just have different sizes and colors so
so to do that you want to when you’re in
your editing your product you’ll want to
come down to product data down in this
section and you’ll choose the variable
product option and then in here you’ll
see that it’ll it’ll open up new options
so like it’ll open up attributes
variations and it’ll allow you to set
those up from the start what you want to
do is if this is like a this is like a
one-of-a-kind product that you know is
nothing like the rest of your store then
you probably just want to set up some
custom product attributes but if it’s
something where you know you may use
these same attributes with other
products it’ll be a good idea to go to
your attributes area and put in custom
you know attributes to be used
throughout your store
so if we click attributes here it’ll
take us to the attributes page and where
we can add new ones and so this way you
can put these in and then back in your
edit product area it’ll then show up in
this drop-down and then you click it
okay so I’ve already added those two so
then like you know let’s say we added a
new attribute for the Sun Shade sizes we
added all the different sunshade sizes
and then so now we can go back to our
product and down in in like the the
attributes drop-down we can click
sunshade sizes add that it’ll add it to
all of our other attributes and then we
want to click under values the one that
says to select all we want to select all
of them and then you know add all of the
different attributes within or all the
different values within that one
attribute and we want to make sure that
it’s visible on the product page then
the person you know can choose all those
different values as an attribute and
they won’t we want to say used for
variations and then we’ll click Save
attributes and the reason we use this
used for variations is because then
actually let me remove this one we don’t
need that because then once we have our
attributes in here we want to go to
variations and then we want to set up
variations or we want to set up all all
the different kinds of variations for
this product so you know because each of
these is going to be like a separate you
know number or like a separate item of
the product but they’re you know just
going to have different different
attributes and so then what we’ll do is
we can set the default form values so
we’ll just set what you know shows as
the default when somebody goes to that
product like if we refresh this okay so
that’s the default is you know telling
you to choose an option and
foot which is right there the the
default eight foot and then this option
where says add the variation we’ve
already done this for this product so
what we had to do was we had to click
create variations from all attributes
and so what that’ll do is that it’s
gonna all the different attributes that
we’ve added it’s going to add a product
for each of these you know ocean blue
fade with an eight-foot ocean blue fade
with nine foot ten foot and so forth and
it’s going to add every single variation
for this product using all the different
attributes and so once you do that you
can then go into each of these actually
that’s just the default one there we can
go into each of these and set up prices
if we haven’t set up prices for the the
different attributes which should apply
automatically but we most likely have to
go into each of these different
variations and set the price for them if
the if the global price hasn’t been set
let me just double check here on average
okay so yep there’s the options for that
okay so let’s do just a custom attribute
here real quick let’s just do we’ll do
sizes just kind of you know basic okay
there’s sizes and then come over here
down to your new attribute that you just
created do configure terms add new sizes
small medium
large so that so now we have this
attribute that we can then use you know
across any products that we that we may
need those different sizes so let’s
refresh this and so now we have our new
attribute drop down or it’s in the drop
down now we can do sizes click Add
right now there’s no values so we need
to select all put them in there and then
we would just save the attributes
actually make sure we use use for
variations so yep that’s basically all
there is to creating different
variations of the product you just to
kind of summarize you first want to make
sure you add your attributes first make
sure that they’re all all the values are
in there the way you want them actually
let’s do a custom one real quick so like
if we have a product that is you know
unique and not like any of the others
and we want to just put a custom
attribute for this one we’ll click Add
name we will do what maybe colors so for
colors we can do let’s do black and we
want to do this this the up and down
line I guess it’s called a vertical pipe
or something like that so it’s just a
vertical line it’s that button right
above the right above enter so we got
black gold and white and so that is how
you add your own custom values because
here it pulls the values from the the
attributes area where you created a new
attribute it pulls them from here like
that but when you’re doing a custom one
you want to put it in like this
separated by the vertical lines and then
use for variations and then we’ll save
those attributes and then we would go to
variations and you know create a
variation from all attributes
and so yeah that’s about it just to
quickly summarize that you go you put in
your attributes first make sure that all
of them are in there that you need
because it is kind of hassle once you
create all variations from the
attributes and then you know you missed
an attribute you guy go back so you want
to make sure that you have all of them
in here all that you need make sure that
they are checked to use for variations
visible on the product page if you want
to have them visible and then you can go
to variations add variation and then you
can create variations from all

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