WooCommerce – Product Categories

this is Steve and we’re going to talk

about managing product categories inside

of WooCommerce so what we need to do

first is just go under products and then

categories and we’ll see over here the

categories that are currently in the

system and it’ll actually give us the

count of products already in those

categories now before you start making

categories I would suggest you plan out

you know what main level categories

you’re gonna have or top level

categories and then what subcategories

you might want to have now back in the

old days you’d have just tons and tons

of subcategories and and e-commerce

catalogs that get pretty complicated if

you don’t need to use lots of sub


I would suggest simplifying the way that

your catalog is arranged if you can get

away with only having like five to six

main categories and inside of those are

all the products that’s that’s great if

you really do have to have sub

categories what I would suggest is you

know making sure that you if you’re

gonna make a category have at least five

products in a category don’t make a

category just to have one or two or

three products inside of it because that

requires extra clicking from the visitor

to get around your catalog so so let’s

go ahead and start adding a category

here it’s really easy over here in the

name field we’ll just type in you know

test category the next one slug this may

be something you want to mess with

oftentimes you’ll just leave this blank

but I’ll explain it to you so you know

what it is and how to use it but

basically the slug if you look over here

to current categories is showing you

what that is

so chemicals grease heavy-duty motor oil

and if we click on view I’m gonna

right-click and open in a new tab so I

don’t lose where I’m at I’ll show you

what this is so you can see in the URL

here we’ve got slash product category

slash heavy-duty motor oil so that right

there is the slug I don’t know why they

call it that it’s just what they call it

so if we want to like let’s say our

category name is is is I don’t know a

big crazy name or something

well we don’t really want to be crazy

URL so we might call it you know we

might just say you might call it test or

shorten it and say test category or

maybe we don’t have a big crazy name but

this is you know the name we want to

display to people oops like here here’s

the name of this category so maybe we

have a name we want to display to people

and then maybe we want a different you

know name for the URL that might be more

search engine friendly like you know I’m

just making this up but maybe we call it

motor oil in Indiana or something so

that’s a way to just to override and

control what that URL is parent if this

is a top-level category we leave the

parent as none because it has no parent


if we wanted to make a subcategory we

just simply select you know which

category is going to be the parent of

this one the description this will

depend on your website but the

description if you go ahead and type it

in you can see whether or not it will

show up on your particular website with

your particular website theme button in

the case of this website the description

will show up right up here once we’re in

a category so you can optionally have a

description if you want for display type

this is when somebody clicks inside the

category what is it going to show deef

by default it will

show any subcategory that’s inside and

any products that are inside or you can

say well I only wanted to show products

but don’t show any subcategories that

are in this category you know maybe you

want to just not do that because you

want to put a link somewhere in an email

blast to this special subcategory that’s

hidden or something but most of the time

you’ll just leave this as default and I

would recommend that you don’t have

subcategories and products on the same

level for example if you have a main

category called chemicals inside of

chemicals you should really either have

only subcategories if you have enough

products to do that or you should only

have products but if you start mixing

like if you clicked on chemicals and you

saw subcategories in there and products

and they’re all mixed together it kind

of gets confusing as to where you’re at

or how this thing’s really organized so

just keep it simple either products or

subcategory should be in a sub it should

be in a category so we’ll just leave

that as default if we want to put an

image on here we’ll just click that and

we can just drag ourselves in an image

or pick one that’s already on there and

then we’ll click add new category now

I’ve noticed that depending on your

screen size you may be scrolled you know

down to the bottom and you might not see

what’s up here and just so that you’re

aware when you click add new product

category currently the WooCommerce

doesn’t say anything it doesn’t say hey

your category has been added it just

quietly plops it up here so if you click

that button you’re not sure what’s

what’s going on scroll up and just make

sure that it’s already in here and then

you can go about adding a new category

if you want to delete a category it’s

really easy you can just click you know

hover over the one and click delete if

you you know want to edit a category

just click Edit and then it’ll pull up

that categories information it’s all the

same stuff you’ve already seen

except if I guess if you have this Yoast

WordPress SEO plugin it does give you

some more options for overriding the

title of the page for the for the

category the Meta Description which

helps people decide whether or not they

should click on you know the listing in

Google if this category page shows up

and some things like that so just to be

aware but that’s pretty much it thanks

very much

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