WooCommerce – Adding Products

Video Summary

How to Add Products on WooCommerce

  • Go to WordPress, select products, and then hit add product
  • Create a descriptive name with product type added at the end
  • Write the long description in the box below the name and the product short description
  • Select the category the product falls under
  • Put the tags for the product in the next box
  • Set your image
  • Fill out the product data
  • Scroll to the top and push the publish button

Video Transcript

okay so we’re going to go through adding

products from start to finish with all

the details so the first thing you do is

come into the WordPress admin and go to

products and then over to add product

and this is the product name up here so

we want to be descriptive with that and

we also want to consider search engine

optimization stuff that will help people

find our pages so the name of the

product is this and we’ve got the

details on it now if somebody searches

for exactly that our website this page

actually would be a candidate for

ranking for that but for people that may

search more generally or they may say

like Valvoline motor-oil or Valvoline

heavy-duty motor oil or something like

that we can attach another phrase to

here of what the product type is and

that’ll just make that a little bit more

powerful when it comes to ranking and

getting some more traffic so we’ve got

the specific name of the product and

then in this case what we could do is

just add in heavy duty or heavy duty

motor oil so now we have a very nice

title for both humans and robots so down

here this first screen this is your your

a long description the long description

shows up down here under the description

tab the short description shows right

here so the long description what what

Dwayne and I were doing is just putting

the spec sheet in here so just say spec

sheet go down a line and now we can

attach this spec sheet so we’ll just go

into add media and we’re gonna drag a

file over just a quick note you don’t

have to be on the upload files tab to


Aylin which is kind of nice so we can

drag it anywhere so I’ve got another

window open here with my file I’m just

gonna drag that right in screen changes

blue meaning that you can drag a file in

I’ll release it it uploads it and you’ll

notice over here on the right that it

sets the title for me and the title is

gonna be the linked text as soon as I

press insert into product so if you want

to change that like take out the dashes

or if you want to make it say something

else and that would be the time to do

that and you can do it later but it’s

just easiest now and so we’re good with

that we’ll just click insert into

product it plops the link right there

there’s one additional step we’re gonna

take because by default it puts this

link in and if somebody clicks on it it

opens in the same page taking over the

product page that they’re on and usually

when somebody opens up a PDF they think

to click the little X button to close it

and if they do that they’re gonna close

themselves out of the site so we’re

gonna take a little extra step to make

this link open in a new window so people

don’t get frustrated and leave the site

that way so what we’ll do is just click

somewhere inside of the link so it knows

what link we’re talking about and we’re

gonna click this little insert slash

edit link button and it pops up and we

just need to check this box open link in

a new window or tab and then we’ll click

update and that’s all we need to do now

that link will open in a new window or

tab okay so let’s move on here now we’ve

got the product short description and as

you remember that’s what shows up here

next to the price so this is a way to

just do a quick summary of the top

points of the product so I’m going to

plop in our little description short

description for that now we can go over

to the right and hit these product

categories so this is going to be in the

heavy duty motor oil category so I’ll

just get that checked you can have a

product in multiple categories if you

want it just means it’ll show up under

multiple places on the website but in

this case we’ll just do the motor oil

and we’ll go right down to product tags

and Duane and I decided that for product

tags we are going to just simply put the

brand of the product there and not go

crazy with tags right now so you can add

tags at any time it’s a little bit

different than categories I mean I guess

you can add categories any time – but

categories are more they’re more kind of

rigid and tags are you can add you know

hundreds of tags or dozens of tags or

whatever to a prod product it’s just

kind of a way of filtering where these

are a way of browsing so it’s a little

bit different so if you’ve already added

some tags you can click this link here

which just basically expands this area

with the tags that you have added and

Valvoline is already in there so I’m

just gonna click that because this is a

Valvoline product if we wanted to add a

new one we just type it in here and

click the Add button and then once we

have added a tag it’s always available

for any product in the future to be

clicked to be added to that product

going down here a little bit I’m going

to going to explain this box to you but

most times you probably won’t need to

use it what it’s doing here is it’s

showing you a preview of what the search

result may look like in google it

doesn’t really know because it’s not

connected to Google but it’s it’s using

you know the best known you know formula

or whatever to see how it will show so

anyways here’s the title of the page

that’s pretty straightforward that’s

pretty much how it’s going to show then

it’s gonna have a link which this will

be the live link once the link is once

the website is live and what these

things are is if you type in a focus

keyword here like let’s just say

Valvoline for or was our focus keyword

for some reason it’s going to tell us

okay yeah you’ve got it in the title

you’ve got it here you should probably

put it in the Meta Description so it’s

kind of gonna coach you on how you can

further optimize the page putting a

keyword in here has no other effect than

just giving you some feedback so you can

play with it if you want the SEO title

here this just gives you a chance to

overwrite what the title is going to be

and you can see it in gray there so if

there might be a case where we really

want the title to be different we could

customize it there what I’m saying is if

we want the title to be different for

the search engines rather than what

people see when they get to the page

Meta Description has no effect on

helping you rank but it does have a big

effect on helping people decide whether

or not to click on your ranking in

Google it’s kind of like you know the

reason you should go to this page or

what this page contains or the value of

this page in a sentence and that’s what

the Meta Description is if you don’t

type anything in there then Google is

going to pull some text out of the page

to make a meta description which is most

likely going to be your short

description because that’s the first

real piece of actual regular text that

shows on the page so if you’re ok with

that then you don’t need to put anything

in here so what I’m going to do is just

minimize this just so that it doesn’t

keep you know take up space on the

screen now let’s set the image and if we

have one image we come over here to

featured image and click set featured

image and I’m just going to drag an

image onto the screen from my other

window over here it’s going to upload

that at this point what we need to do is

make sure it has a good title and we

want this title for the image to be

specific to the page it’s on so we’re

putting this image on a product page so

we’ll give this the product title which

what we really could do is before we get

to this screen copy the title of the

product and just paste it in here so I’m

actually going to we’ve already got the

image uploaded so I’m going to close

this I’m gonna grab the title then I’m

going to come back in image is still

there I’ll select it and I’m

just going to replace the title and the

alt text the alt text is like the

description of the image for you know if

you put your mouse over and leave it

there and I’ll show you the description

pop up over the image but anyways now

we’re ready to click set product image

and there it is

okay so now we’re ready to come down to

this box here called product data now

you’ll see this drop down here and this

is kind of the type of product different

types of product have different extra

things you can do a simple product only

has one price even if you have like

options tied to it options could be

colors or sizes or whatever you want and

but in this case because we have sizes

we’re gonna change this to a variable

product there we go now you’ll see the

SKU field here if the SKU is always the

same no matter which option they choose

in this case no matter which size option

they choose then you put the SKU in here

if the SKU is different based upon the

option or size then we’ll just leave

this blank we’re not gonna have the

website control the inventory or tell us

when it’s in stock or anything we ignore

that we’re gonna have free shipping on

everything so we don’t need to worry

about this and linked products is a way

to do upsells and cross-sells there’s a

nice little description if you put your

mouse over each one of these upsells

would be you know products you recommend

instead of the currently viewed product

these show at the bottom of the product


cross cells are things that this would

be like if you buy this oil and it

shoots them to the shopping cart page on

the shopping cart page it’s going to

suggest you know it can suggest like an

oil filter because that’s a product

related to this one so if they’re buying

this one they might be interested in

buying the other one that’s related so

that’s where you can set those related

products and to do that you just start

typing in the name of the of a product

that’s already in the system

then you can click it to add it let’s go

into attributes so there’s no attributes

in here yet

we need a size attribute in this case so

we just go over here and click Add and

we need a name of this attribute now an

attribute is the same exact thing as a

product option so I’ll just call it

product options at this point so size is

a product option that has different

values you can select so just go ahead

and check these two boxes those are

required for this to work the way we

want and over here in values we might

have you know for ounce and we might

have some other things so anyways to to

put in multiple values we need to

separate those by what’s called the pipe

symbol this is a straight vertical line

that’s right above the enter button you

just do a shift and then that button

above the enter button to get that pipe

and you don’t need any spaces around the

pipe so do 4 ounce 8 ounce pipe oops got

a space 12 ounce so there we go we got

our stuff in there it’s separated by

what’s called the pipe and now we just

click you’ll be tempted to click Add but

don’t do that click the save attributes

over here there we go if we had another

option for this we could do this again

and make make it for color and then we

check these and then we would say red

pipe orange you know whatever if we

needed that but we don’t so I’m going to

remove that chunk there okay and I’ll

save it again just to make sure and

let’s go to variations now there’s

nothing in here right now so what you

need to do is press link all variations

and just say yep what that is going to

yep what that is going to do is spit out

all the variations of the product

according to the product options from

here so we only have three variations


we have three sizes if we were to have

colors and as an option and we’d have if

we had two colors we would end up with

six variations because three sizes times

two colors would be six so anyways

that’s how that works

so now we’re ready to set the SKU number

for each one of these and then we’ll set

the price for each one of these you

don’t have to enter a dollar sign you

don’t have to put in decimals or

anything unless you want to you can just

keep it simple

and all this other stuff we don’t really

need to mess with we can put an image if

we want to we could again we could drag

it in or we could select an image that’s

already in there and that means when

somebody selects this option from the

drop-down it’s going to switch out the

main product image to show us the image

that matches that option so we’ll go

down here we’ll enter the SKU and for

this one we’ll enter the price in and

maybe I don’t have an image for that

I’ll just come back later then that’s

fine skew for this one price and I’m

good to go and maybe I do have an image

for that so I’m gonna stick that in and

there’s you you’ll probably want to have

this inclination to press a Save button

down here but there is not one for

whatever reason the way this is saved is

by going up to the top and click

clicking the publish button so at this

point we have been through all the

things we need to do let’s just go ahead

and click publish and then we’ll take a

look at our product and there’s a view

product link right here I’m going to

just right click on it open in a new

window so that I keep this little window

here for me and there it is there’s the

image and we’ve got title we’ve got our

price range our short description looks

like we’ve got some extra spacing in

here so let’s go back to our short

description and sure enough we’ve got

extra line and there so I’m just going

to take that out and then

update it yes there it is let’s refresh

it there we go that’s all that was so

let’s choose a four-ounce

okay and I set this image as the 4-ounce

so that’s why it’s switching over like

that and 8-ounce I didn’t have an image

so that’s using the default one again

and 12-ounce I had this crazy image so

there it is here’s my long description

and my additional information

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