What is CRO?


There are many terms within digital marketing that cover a wide range of tactics and strategies. One common term is CRO. But what is CRO, and how does it help? Conversion rate optimization, or CRO, is the process of optimizing the process that takes consumers from lead to action. Optimizing your marketing strategy, sales funnel, and eCommerce store can address barriers that keep consumers from making purchases or signing up for emails and thus increase your chances of leading customers to desired actions. Here’s what you need to know about conversion rate optimization!

How is CRO different from SEO?

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) and search engine optimization (SEO) both fall under the umbrella of digital marketing, but there are several key distinctions that separate the two. One of the primary differences is that CRO emphasizes human experience while SEO affects machine experience and algorithms.

For example, SEO deals with things like alt text on images, meta descriptions, and landing page content, whereas CRO deals with website layout, sales funnels, and the buyer’s journey as a whole.

There is some overlap between the two terms at times, such as when you update a blog to contain certain keywords. This not only improves your ability to rank in the search engine results page (SERP) but also improves the readability of your content for consumers in a way that’s more relevant to their searches.

Do you need CRO?

Some individuals wonder about the benefits of CRO when compared to other options like SEO or paid ads. Is CRO worth the money? The short answer is yes.

Conversion rate optimization improves the buyer experience by optimizing product pages, email campaigns, and anything else that takes the consumer to action. It essentially helps turn quality leads into customers. SEO can help improve traffic to your website, but without CRO, they may just turn around and leave. By investing in CRO, you can increase the number of sales you make on your website.

How to Improve Your Conversion Rate

There are several ways to improve your conversion rate. Some methods can easily be done by yourself. However, hiring a digital marketing expert may be the best way to maximize your investment.

Optimize your Call to Action

Your Call to action (CTA) is more than a chance to include some keywords. At the end of your blog, it’s a chance to persuade the consumer on what to do with the information they just read. If the blog is about a product or service, take a moment to explain not only why they should act on that information but also link to where they can take the next step.

Choose a Good CMS

Your content management system (CMS) is the platform on which the backend of your website is built. By choosing a good CMS, you can easily make changes to existing content as well as add new content. The easier it is to edit and add to your website, the easier it will be to optimize it for maximum conversions.

Run Regular Tests

After identifying problem areas in your conversion process, you can begin to experiment and make changes. For example, if you can regularly get consumers to the checkout page of your website, and then they abandon their cart, consider what might be causing this. Is the “buy now” button red and subtly telling your consumers to stop? Try changing it to green to help coax the buyer into moving forward. Running tests like this will help you constantly improve your conversion process.

Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

Hiring a professional digital marketing agency like Effect Web Agency means you don’t have to struggle with the experimenting process on your own. At Effect, we have proven experience that will help you improve your CRO in a simple and effective way. Consider reaching out to our experts today to find out how we can help you improve your website to ensure maximum conversion and increased sales!

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