What All Does SEO Include?


Most individuals have probably heard the term “SEO”. They may even know that it means search engine optimization is used to improve rankings and increase online visibility. However, if asked “what all does SEO include?” few individuals could explain all the various components included in SEO and how they affect visibility. 

SEO includes many different aspects, each with its unique bearing on how well your website will rank for relevant searches. Understanding each of these components will help you effectively optimize your website and content to increase visibility and draw more traffic to your website, increasing company sales along the way. So what all does SEO include? Let’s find out. 

Technical SEO

Typically, technical SEO deals with the “behind the scenes” aspects of your website rather than the cosmetics such as color and layout (although those are important). Technical SEO includes many of the factors considered by search engines when determining how well your website ranks such as:

  • Page speed
  • Broken links
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Access to sitemap

It’s important to analyze each of these areas when working on your website. One of these areas neglected can drastically decrease the amount of traffic drawn to your website.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO deals primarily with user experience. Rich content such as blog articles is a great way to draw in traffic. Other factors of on-page SEO include:

  • Keyword research
  • Publishing beneficial content
  • Internal links
  • External links
  • Page layout

Each of these factors can keep someone on your website or drive them away depending on how well how to implement them. Broken links or content with little to no relevant information will make users decide to not revisit your site. On the other hand, websites that easily and efficiently meet consumer needs and answer their questions are likely to get return traffic as they are marked as relevant and helpful sites that are easy to use. 

Off-Site Optimization

This aspect of SEO focuses on building links between your website and others. Building links has two main purposes and benefits. The first is when another website links to yours, it drives traffic to you. The second reason is that Google looks at each website, and those with links are deemed more reputable. 

Off-site optimization deals with:

  • Researching opportunities for link building
  • Maximizing on those opportunities
  • Outreach strategies such as emails, forum discussions, etc.
  • Tracking any new inbound links

Local SEO

There are two main types of SEO rankings. Local, and national (although this could also include international). Your local ranking is extremely important as it determines how likely you are to reach consumers in your area. Local SEO includes:

  • Listing your business in prominent locations
  • Ensure consistent listings across all channels and sites
  • Building links with local directories

A strong local presence is far more important for brick and mortar business than for strictly eCommerce sites. Letting individuals in your area know about you is the first step towards gaining them as a customer.  

SEO Monitoring

One of the most important aspects of SEO is continuous monitoring and analysis. Identifying what changes are effective vs ineffective is crucial for developing future strategies. What blogs draw the most traffic? Has your bounce rate gone up or done? SEO is never done, so it’s important to continue to follow up on your changes and determine which future changes might be needed. 

While SEO is complex and there are many components involved, it’s not beyond understanding. If you’re having trouble improving your SEO rankings, consider reaching out to an expert. There are companies and individuals who make it their mission to consults and aid in the improvement of a business’s SEO. 

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