Visual Composer – Using the Template Feature

Video Summary

How to Create a Template

  • Go to edit page
  • Delete everything you don’t want in the template
  • Click the templates icon, give the template a name, and then save it

How Use the Template

  • Go to edit page
  • Open templates and select the one you want
  • The template will then generate and can be moved where you wherever you want

Video Transcript

the visual composer has a feature that

allows you to take any part of a page

and create a template out of it and then

use it for any other page that you want

to transfer it to so let’s say you want

to take this row of stuff you want this

you want this title you want the four

column layout with the four lists in

them and let’s say you create something

like this and you want to apply the same

thing throughout multiple spots on this

throughout the site instead of creating

each of them from scratch and just

creating them individually that would

take a lot more time but with visual

composer you can go into the backend

area so what we want to do is we want to

edit this page because we want to keep

this same template structure so let’s go

to the Edit Page

and to do this we want to delete

everything that we don’t want in that

template so all we want is we want this

title we want the four columns and we

actually want to keep this entire row

because that’s kind of all the part of

the same thing so what we want to do is

we want to remove everything else that

we don’t want in the template doing this

is okay because it’s not going to

automatically save unless you click

update it will once you refresh the page

it will say that there’s like an

autosave of a previous time but it

doesn’t matter there’s nothing there’s

nothing to that

so once we’ve deleted everything we have

everything we want to create our

template with then we can come up here

to this templates icon click that and

then in the field that says save current

layout as a template we can give it a

name let’s just give it like title with

four oops four column lists save

template and so now we have that and

then we can go to any other page and we

can load up this template what that what

that saving template does is it saves

everything within the visual composer

editor that is on the page so if you

would have if you would have kept all of

that other stuff that wasn’t that was

deleted if you would have kept that in

there it would have saved all of that

into the same template but since we

deleted everything and all we have left

is this row with this information and

content it only saved this as the

template so let’s refresh the page it’ll

ask you know changes you made won’t be

saved that’s fine


then it will load back everything into

the page up here it’ll save you know

there’s a there’s a backup you don’t

have to worry about that you can just

kind of you can click out of that so now

we want to go to our page that we want

to put this template into so for just

doing the video and for a you know doing

the tutorial purposes we’ll just put it

right in here right above the

transportation section so let’s go into

the edit page for this page let’s find

our spot that we want to put it in so we

want to put it right on right below the

testimonials area and above

transportation so we want to do is we

want to go to our templates and if

you’ve already opened up the edit page

area for the other page it might not

show your same template yet so you’ll

just want to refresh the page so that it

can reload the templates come back up

here go to templates let’s find our new

one title with four column lists click

it and then once it’s loaded it will

close out of this box for you so just

let it go

sometimes it can load it can take a

little bit to load depending on the size

of it alright there it goes so now it

put it down at the bottom we gotta go

down and grab it so here is our section

here’s the row the title and the four

columns so now we can take this row and

then we can move it wherever we want to

so this can actually be done with entire

pages so instead of you know just

copying a certain section of a page you

could actually just leave the entire

page create it as a template like that

go to template and then you know just

you can do like you know so this is the

engineering page we’ll just do

engineering page then save template so

now you have a template of the entire

engineering page so this is a really

really neat feature with visual composer

I use it a lot when I am creating sites

that have sections that are kind of

similar throughout different pages I use

this a lot and and some things that it

might take you a while to put together

it’s best to make a template of it and

then in case you need it anywhere else

you know you got a template ready you

don’t have to do it all from scratch to

remove a template so like this

engineering page we don’t really need

we’ll come back up here

delete template and it’s gone so now

that’s good

and then here’s our new section we put

it right in there

everything’s laid out the same way it

was on the other page that it was saved

on so since we don’t need this we’ll

just delete it and we will just update

our page so that’s all there is to it

it’s basically it’s basically just

removing everything you don’t want in

the template and then save the template

and then then you can use that on any

other page

that is using the visual composer

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