Visual Composer – Show and Hide Sections

visual composer has this feature that

allows you to say like it allows you to

tell something to not show or or show or

hide depending on the device that it’s

being shown on so like you have the

option to show a certain picture on

desktop but then on mobile you want them

to see a different picture so with the

visual composer you can do something

like that but you can also completely

hide a section from no matter what

device it’s being viewed on so you could

just completely hide it from anything

you know if it’s something that you

don’t need right now but maybe down the

road you will and you just want to hide

it for now so to do that like in in this

section where we have like just the logo

image and let’s say we want to we just

want to hide this for now and then maybe

bring it back later so what we’ll do is

the the the column that it’s in right

above it right in the middle there’s the

plus the pencil and the X and we want to

choose the pencil too and it will say

edit this column and we want to click

that and then we want to go over to

responsive options and scroll down and

it’ll it’ll show you the different

devices so this would be like you know

large device like a computer this would

be medium size like maybe a small laptop

or like a tablet that’s in like

landscape view this would be the small

size like a tablet that’s in the

portrait view and then this would be the

the phone the phone size and so what we

could do is we want to tell it to hide

on all four devices like that click Save

Changes and it’ll kind of just have it

little blurred out a little bit and

that’s just kind of letting you know

that it’s it’s hidden from this device

that you’re viewing it on and so then

once you decide that you want it back

you can just go back into

edit column responsive options uncheck

these save changes and then update and

then then it will appear on all the

devices again

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