Visual Composer – Google Maps Element

so the Google Maps is actually a visual

composer element that you know it makes

it easy for you to set it up and put a

Google map wherever you wanted to be so

something like this we have two columns

set up and each of those columns we have

a visual composer element for a Google

map and all we do is put in the embed

code that we get from the map and it

just visual composer will put it out

into that column or you could even do a

full width row and it’ll automatically

you know make it mobile responsive and

do it that way so let’s go into the page

and check out the different elements it

should be labeled Google Maps and if you

go into it hit the little edit button

you can see that all it does you just

use the iframe code that you get from

Google and you can set the map height so

like if you have something that looks

you know if you have that empty and it’s

shown a little too tall or a little too

short you can just you know set that

height to what you want and then it’ll

make it make the width the way it should

be so if we want to add a new one let’s

just go down here at the bottom of the

column hit the plus and choose Google

Maps and then you’ll have the fields

that you need to put in and you’ll just

put in the iframe code so if we go to a

Google map and we’ll just do Elkhart by

example you’ll see you know you got the

the map the way you want it and this

this also works with other maps where

you custom create with like different

pins and you can actually get an iframe

embed code from those also and then

you’ll just put that into the Google map

so if you go up here to the top left you

have your correct place that you want to

be go up to the top left share or embed

map and do the embed map and you know

you can do small medium large depend on

the size of it usually you can just go

large and then visual composer will

automatically kind

make it responsive to whatever section

it’s in so you just take this iframe

code copy that go back to your page

paste that into the iframe field hit

Save Changes and then you can go back

out to the page and check it out that’s

about all there is to it

you know there’s not much to the Google

map settings

besides the iframe and the map height

there are other options where you can

have something where it’s zoomed in a

little further that is within Google

Maps and those are just some you know

some other options that you can do with


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