Using the Revisions Feature

to use the revisions feature depending

on how many are set through WP engine

how many we tell WP engine to save when

you’re inside of a page and as you are

updating pages over on the right hand

side up at the top right it’ll say

revisions and you’ll tell you how many

revisions and to go back to any previous

revision you’ll just click the Browse

link and then up out here up here at the

top it’ll show the different revisions

and you can just use this slider and

then you can slide it back to a previous

revision so you can see how the very

first revision there was no content and

then we made some changes to the page so

that’s shown it there and then this

revision was I don’t think much changed

it was just kind of an update so that

can happen so when you slide back to the

one that you want you click restore this

autosave and then that will restore that

page to that revision

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