Spotlighting 7 Google Search Features


Google has several unique search features. Each is created to increase efficiency by providing the user with the most pertinent information. Not only does it try to accomplish this, but there are features that seek to then communicate this information as quickly as possible. Utilizing these Google search features is a great way for any webmaster to increase site traffic. Here are 7 Google search features you should know about!

Featured Snippet

Featured snippets are specialized boxes of text. Regular search listing format is reversed in order to provide a brief description of the page information. This is advantageous because it pulls the most important information from the page and presents it first. Therefore the user knows exactly which sites to go to without having to visit each page. Using these snippets will help summarize your site pages and draw more traffic. 

Local Pack

This Google search feature is mainly geared towards local businesses. This section of Google search results shows which local businesses are related to the initial search. However, Google only lists 3 businesses in this spot. This means that the “Google 3-pack” is a highly coveted position. These 3 spots are determined after an algorithm looks at business information, online SEO, and user reviews. If you can get your businesses onto the local listing, then you are guaranteed to be in the top search results. 

Site Links

Site links are website links that are shown below Google’s search results. These links help users navigate your site. Google’s systems analyze website data and create shortcuts (links) to help users more quickly locate the information they’re seeking.

People Also Ask

This search feature limits web traffic as it seeks to answer user questions right on the front page of results. Google answers the searched question directly but then shows a list of questions that relate to the initial search. 

For instance, if you search “how many cups are in a gallon?” Google will provide the answer without you having to go to an actual website. Then, under the “People also asked” section, you’ll have results like, “How many ounces are in a gallon?” Or “How many pints are in a gallon?”. Google does this by analyzing past queries and finding the searches that are commonly related to each other. 

However, Google pulls these answers from websites. They do not provide the information themselves. So if you can get your website in the “people also asked” section as a source, then you can increase site traffic by being one of the first results with relevant information. 

Knowledge Panel

Knowledge panels are boxes of information that appear on Google after you search for entities such as people, places, or organizations. These search results are meant to give you a brief summary of information on the searched topic. The information provided is based on Google’s analysis of available web content. 

Featured Video

Featured videos are similar to featured snippets. Instead of a box of text, a featured video finds a video on a media platform such as YouTube and presents a video relevant to your search. Usually, you’ll see a featured video if you search “how to.” Google will analyze web data and provide a video answering your question. 

This is becoming increasingly important as consumers would rather watch a tutorial than reading one, such as “how to hook up a trailer” or “properly sharpening your kitchen knife.” Make effort to optimize your content in a way to take advantage of the featured video to help drive more traffic to your website and increase your sales. 

Image pack 

This Google search feature appears as a collage of images that appears within the search results. These images portray items related to the search and often will lead to Google images rather than to a particular site. 

Google has several search features which can be utilized for your benefit. Boosting SEO results should be a goal for any site owner. However, while most aspire to rank as number one, there is actually a number zero. Google processes and analyzes all available data related to a Google search. It identifies the most relevant information and displays the best site right after the ads but above the search results, making it the most desired place to be. 

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