SNAP Plugin – Setting up New Accounts

so setting up new accounts for the

social network Auto poster it can be

kind of a grueling process it looks like

it can be confusing but they have really

good walkthroughs that really take you

step by step on what to do so let me do

by example when you go to go to settings

and this one that says snap it should be

in green it’ll say social networks auto

post or click on that then it’ll take

you to this page now what you need to do

is you’ll just click on add new account

and whichever social media network you

want to post it to and each one tells

you exactly how to set it up so let’s

say we want to do the Facebook and

you’ll just kind of do step by step and

just do whatever it tells you to do so

you just give it a quick nickname so

just do like Facebook heart city and

this is just for just for you so that

you can easily just like this.what says

you can easily identify it so let’s say

you know you had different different

Twitter accounts or different Facebook

accounts you can then name them

differently so we’ll just do it this for

now just as an example and then what

they have here they have this on each of

these networks there’s this little link

up here in the top right corner and then

that’ll tell you step by step on what to

do so click on that and then it’ll give

you you know you go here go here go here

just step by step instructions on what

to do and as long as you follow the

steps that they say in here

it does it does it exactly how it needs

to be done because this is how whenever

I set these this plugin up and I

connected to people’s Facebook accounts

and Twitter accounts

I follow the step by step

they work every time so as long as you

just you know read carefully and do

everything that they say on here it’ll

it’ll work correctly so I won’t go into

detail on how to do this step by step

just because they explain it they

explain it very well

Facebook is always kind of updating

their system and next Scripps does a

really good job at keeping their their

process updated so that it’s so that it

looks the same and it’s it’s got the

same layout and everything so as long as

you follow these steps like you know

just go right at the beginning you know

login to your Facebook account go to the

developers page and the developers page

like Twitter has its own developer page

just the difference I think Google+ does

they have their own developer page and

that’s kind of where you’ll do a lot of

this stuff getting info from those

different social medias and just setting

that up so that’s basically that’s

basically all you need to know and they

even give you like the URL that you’ll

use because in the steps in here it’ll

say you know put in the URL like right

here on this step you’ll just put in the

site URL and that’s shown right here

that they give the URL and then there’s

a spot where you have to put in the

domain so here’s the URL and then

there’s a spot where you have to put in

the domain so that those two are

connected and then they also give you

the domain for that so yeah as long as

you follow the steps the Facebook one I

think is the hardest one to do it’s got

the most steps but the other ones like

Twitter Twitter is very easy to set up

you know as long as you have access to

it all you need to do is you know your

Twitter URL the API key and the API

secret access token an access token

secret and this tells you how to get

that that’s also in Twitter’s developer


you’ll see right here login your Twitter

account and then go to the developers

website right there so you just go to

that and then it just basically tells

you step by step on what to do for that

what to put in in each little area and

yeah so like whenever I set these up I

follow I I always go to these

instructions and just follow them step

by step to make sure that I put

everything in properly and it goes it

goes perfect for me every time there’s a

few times where something was kind of

kind of quirky you kind of messed up but

basically I think with Twitter the only

problem I had before is you have to have

a mobile phone number or like a cell

phone number on the account and if you

don’t it won’t let you it won’t let you

go through and do everything perfectly

and you kind of they have this little

workaround to let you know how to do it

you know if that’s not the case so

that’s that’s kind of one of the hiccups

that I had with Facebook the one hiccup

I had was because Facebook changed their

their process and something with you

know creating a new app it wasn’t

working correctly and so I kinda hit a

head hiccup with that that might happen

but this plugin this plugin tells you if

something’s not connected right or if

something’s not working right it’ll give

you a message saying such-and-such

could not connect it this wasn’t working

right and all you could do then you

could just find that message and you

could come to this next scripts calm and

then just submit a support ticket you

could just submit a support ticket and

they’ll get back to you and tell you how

to fix it or if it’s something that they

need to fix that that happened one time

I told them I was like you know this

isn’t working right can you what can I

do with this and they said you know this

is in the next plug-in update we’re

fixing that and then they’ll just let

you know but that that’s about it so

once you get the accounts connected

you’ll see it’ll it’ll say

it’ll say submit a test post so you get

everything set up you get all the

settings in there

all of this filled out and the best is

to do this where it says title and then

– URL and it’s got the percent signs in

those and it tells you down here what

you can do with that so that basically

when it goes out to the social media

it’ll say the title and the URL of the

post so that they can you know they can

see the title of it and then there’s a

URL so they can click on it and it’ll go

out so and then when you click update

settings you can then go back to the

account and it’ll say submit test post

just to make sure that it’s connected

right so you’ll just click on that

submit test post and then you can go out

to the account like if it’s on your

Facebook page or Twitter page you can

just just wait at your account and make

sure that it went through and then as

long as it’s submitted the test post and

the test post went through it’ll say on

there you know this was the test post

please ignore and you can just delete

that right away then so that’s that’s

basically how that is and then so like

once you have account setup there’s

little check boxes on the side so like

let’s say you know you don’t want to you

don’t want to post out to your social

media you want to do a couple posts just

on your website you can uncheck those

boxes and then that’ll you know make

sure that nothing’s posted out to them

at the time but also within posts like

when you do a new post when you go to

post and then you do add new let’s just

try that go to add new and then what

it’ll do is it’ll show this this snap

plug-in it’ll have its own little

section down at the bottom and all the

accounts will show up right here and you

can also click the check box next to

them like let’s say you want to post

something out to Twitter but not

Facebook you can then uncheck the

accounts on the side on the side here

there’ll be little check boxes so that

is how that

plug-in works it just like I said it’s

basically step by step as long as you

follow the instructions that it gives

you for that network it’ll give you the

instructions and you know just follow

those you know just step by step to a

tee and just and and it’ll go just fine

setting that up

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