Sidebar Footer Widgets

Video Summary

How to use Sidebar Footer Widgets

  • Go to your WordPress
  • Highlight appearance and select widgets
  • Go to the right side of your screen and select whichever sidebar you need
  • Then edit or change whatever you need to

Video Transcript

hello this is Steve I’m gonna show you

how to edit the stuff inside the footer

in the sidebar you’re looking at a

footer currently and these are the what

they call widgets inside of the footer

you can edit the content within these

widgets sometimes there are different

types of widgets there’s text widgets

there’s specially formatted widgets like

this contact one you’re looking at

there’s forms and there’s this one is

happens to be a menu and this one

happens to be an automatic widget that

pulls things automatically I’ll show you

where you can find these in the backend

if you log into your WordPress you’ll

need to go to appearance and then

widgets over here on the right-hand side

are what they call the sidebars you may

think of a sidebar as it’s the bar on

the side of your website the way that

and it is but the way that WordPress

actually labels these things is a

sidebar is a group of widgets that can

either show in a sidebar visually or a

footer so these are whether you call

sidebars over here and you just have to

find the one that has the content in it

that you want to change

so in this website’s case we have you

know footer area one footer area two

it’s kind of clear what those are so

here’s the widget that that’s on the far

left here’s the next one in and so forth

so if we wanted to change the text for

that contact we could come in here and

find our you know phone number address

or whatever change it click the Save

button and then we could go back out to

the front-end and refresh it and make

sure that the change looks good now if

you want to make a change to for example

for a

special widget like this menu here you

would probably come in here and you’d

find out that this is a menu and it says

select menu it’s using the listings by

type menu so those are special cases

where you don’t actually edit the

widgets content here it’s just set to

show a menu so you’d have to go and edit

that menu which by the way is under

appearance and menus so it’s the same

way with things that are in the left or

right sidebar just need to find which

quote sidebar you need here and expand

it find the one that has the content in

it and edit your text click Save and

then check the front end after you


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