Setting up WordPress Users

Video Summary

How to Set up WordPress Users

  • Go to the left-hand side of your site opened in WordPress
  • Scroll down to users and select add new
  • Fill in the three required things on the page and check the send password box
  • Select the role you wish for the new account to fill
  • Hit add new user

Video Transcript

so when we have a wordpress site by

default we’ll have an administrative

account that is in charge of everything

about the site you know the the themes

the the plugins the settings the pages

the posts just everything you know the

admin has full control of the site and

there’s a lot of times when you don’t

want multiple people you know you have

ten twenty thirty people you don’t want

to give them all access to the admin the

administrative account so WordPress

gives you the option to create users for

multiple people the the default users

section of your WordPress page you’ll

see on the left side if you scroll down

past the appearance and plugins there’s

the users option now you can click all

users you can check out your profile or

you can add new users if you go to add

new users there’s only a few things that

are required for you to create a new

user and create a new profile all you

have to set up is you just make a user

name for them you just put in their

email and a password form so if you just

set up these three things a person can

be a new user on your site so when you

have those set up and you go down to

this section called send password if you

check that when you create the new user

it’ll send the the new user name and

their new password to the email that you

provided so that’s just a quick little

way to you know just have WordPress do

it for you instead of you emailing the

person saying hey you know I just create

a new user for you here’s your password

and stuff like that so kind of you know

WordPress will do it for you now when

you set up your new user there will be

different role options these are kind of

responsibilities and capabilities that

different levels of users will have so

there’s just an example of the different

WordPress roles there’s something called

a super admin which has more

you know features than just a regular

administrator but that’s kind of like

extra lot of extra stuff the the default

account on the WordPress account will be

the administrator they have access to

all the features of the site just

everything there is to it they can

delete the site you know just add new

themes just kind of do whatever they

want with the site and then a step down

from there is the editor this person

can’t publish and manage posts posts or

pages either one you know the post is

the blogs and then you have your pages

or like the pages of your site the

editor can you know publish and manage

these pages the way they want so it’s

kind of they have they kind of have you

know a little bit of administrator role

but they’re still restricted from making

some major changes to the site and then

a step down from there is the author now

this person can get on there and let’s

say you just want you know you have a

blog and you want you know six different

authors for it you know six different

people writing new blog posts you can do

that and they can write the blog and

then they can publish it and then the

step above that you know the editor they

can you know delete a post that they

don’t like or something like that

so they can do that and then a step down

from author is contributor now this

person can they can write posts they can

write pages but they can’t publish it so

you know you can have a contributor some

person just kind of you know writing

blog posts and then you can have like an

editor who looks through you know

multiple edit like multiple contributors

and they can you know publish which ones

they want but the author can only

publish their own

so like the author’s just kind of their

own their own thing but the editor can

publish like an author or contributor

you know whichever posts or pages they

have and then the lowest default

WordPress user is a subscriber now you

know you can have like you can have a

blog or just just a site and then you

can have someone subscribe to your site

where you know they’ll get email

notifications when you post something

new in your blog or something like that

so the subscriber is just kind of like a

like an if you ever gone to like a a

different site where you just kind of

subscribe to it and got email

notifications that’s kind of what that

is like you know they can go on to your

WordPress site and make changes to their

profile but they can’t do anything else

on your site like when they log into

your WordPress site it’ll literally just

give them the option to go to their

profile like that’s that’s all they can

do they can’t see anything else on your

site so that’s kind of like the lowest

that it gets so you know WordPress comes

with their own basic users but you can

also find anywhere else like there’s

multiple plugins where you can like set

up like a membership service or like

subscription service for your site like

if you have like a few pages where you

know it’s kind of like you want to sell

some of your videos or you want to sell

some of your products and so people can

subscribe to these pages and posts and

if their subscribers they can get on

this page if they’re not the page will

say you know you don’t have this certain

rights to do this so you know there’s

there’s a lot of different options out

there besides the the basic WordPress

users there’s multiple plugins out there

where you can have subscriptions on your

page or you know you can sell

memberships so those are just some of

the the WordPress user options that you

can do

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