Setting up Google Analytics Event Tracking


How to Set up Google Analytics Event Tracking

  • First, install the Google Analyticator plugin and once you’ve installed it you can activate it in the plugin settings on the sidebar
  • Second, go into the settings of the plugin and input in the analytics ID, your universal ID, and make sure it’s set on universal and enabled
  • Third, press save changes.

Video Transcript

to set up the feature for doing the

Google Analytics event tracking we just

need to do one simple plug and install

and it is called google analyticator and

what this does is once you install it

and activate it go into the settings and

all you need to do is put in the

analytics ID the universal ID and make

sure that you know tracking code set to

universal will do enabled and that just

hit Save Changes and then the plugin

does the rest and what it does it will

then connect to Google Analytics and it

will then activate the event tracking

for outbound links when people click on

you know either

like a PDF that takes them kind of off

of the site you know opens up in a new

window takes them kind of off the site

any outbound links will then be tracked

and to check in on this once you have

this activated it couldn’t it can take

up to a day you know you can then check

back the next day and it will then have

outbound clicks shown if there were any

for that day and from there when you go

to Google Analytics and you check in to

your main tracking area on the left hand

side go down to behavior click that and

then click events and overview and then

in the events overview this is where it

will then categorize the different

outbound the different outbound clicks

it will tell you how many outbound

clicks there were and it’ll say you know

what link it was for or where the person

went so from here we can then check the

outbound traffic

so we can click that and it’ll tell us

you know the stats for it and if we want

to check out you know the different the

different outbound links we can just

click event label and this will then

show the different labels of where

people went so any outbound links the

user log in it also tracks when someone

logs into WordPress it’ll track that as

a user log in and these are the outbound

links that people click so they can go

to these different links that takes them

off the site and it’ll start tracking

this is also event action is also just

kind of like a it’s kind of like a

summarized version of what people where

people are going so then you know once

you have the once you have the plug-in

installed you put in the the analytics

ID and make sure that these are you know

universal enabled hit Save Changes and

all of this you can just leave

everything should be set up by default

it should be outbound link tracking

should be enabled event tracking should

be enabled and if anything else you want

to be enabled you can go ahead and do


like even enhance delete link that’s an

option but that’s that’s basically it

and also what this plug-in is you can

authenticate the plug-in through Google

and then you can have the stats on your

WordPress dashboard so that you don’t

have to go to Google Analytics each time

you could just go to your Google your

WordPress dashboard and look at the

Google Analytics stats

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