Saving Drafts of Pages Without Updating the Live Page

Video Summary

How to Save the Draft of a Page Without Updating the Live Page

  • Get the WordPress Plugin that allows you to save drafts
  • When you go to the edit page there will be a drafts box
  • Select save as draft and then you can share or hold onto the page for a later date

Video Transcript

hello this is Steve

so out-of-the-box WordPress does not

give us a way to go and edit a currently

published page and save a draft of it

for later

WordPress forces us to publish whatever

changes we want to make to a live page

if that page is already live so we’ve

added a plugin to WordPress that allows

us to create a draft off of already

published pages that way you can go and

share it with somebody else save it and

come back to it later on in the week or

you know send it to somebody for

approval before it’s actually published

so here’s how it works we just go to a

page that’s currently published that

we’d like to edit okay so let’s say we

want to make a new revision of this

tuneups page just click on tuneups

and here it is okay now the first thing

we need to do is look over here to the

right-hand side of the page and there’s

a new box that says drafts of revisions

there’s no drafts yet it says so before

we actually edit it we need to save a

draft or at least click this button I

wish this button would say make a draft

because that’s really more of what it’s

doing so let’s click that and this

creates a draft copy we can edit and so

now we can make changes here so I’m

going to just remove this period just so

it’s a inconspicuous change and now we

can click Save draft because maybe I

want to show somebody and get approval

or come back later in the week and do it

so let’s pretend it’s I’m coming back

later I I’d be coming back into

WordPress I probably come into the all

pages area what I need to do is just go

down and click on tuneups again there’s

not like a secondary one floating around

in this list somewhere you just go back

and click on tuneups and then over in

this box it now says there is a draft

that was

already saved on this date so we’ll just

click on it that then loads up the draft

we were just looking at the live copy

and so now we’re back to the draft and

at this point let’s say we’re all good

we can choose to publish this so we go

and click publish and we should be able

to go to this page and see that little

period gone so the period that should be

missing is right after this is actually

going to be on the right side of the

screen product packaging company which

is actually right here products

packaging company so the period is gone

now so that’s how it works and that’s

all there is to it

no worrying about cloning a page and

then making sure the URLs match and

updating menu and all that stuff just

follow this process and you can save a

draft and publish it whenever you want


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