Website Traffic Calculators

Calculate How Many Website Visitors You Need

Through this set of 7 questions, you’ll be able to calculate how much traffic your website needs to meet your goal for web leads.

Definition “Web Lead” Person who submitted a form or called the phone number on your website.
1 How much do you want to add to monthly end-sales from traffic that originates from the web? $
Example: If you currently make $X / month that originates from web leads, maybe your goal is to double that. How much additional $ would that be a month? Let’s define this number.
2 What is the average sale amount? $
3 In that case, how many additional sales do we need to hit your goal each month?
Divide 1 by 2 .
4 How many web leads does it take to get a sale?
If you are not sure, make a realistic guessimate.
5 So, we want
more web leads a month from the website.
Multiply 3 by 4.
6 What is the percentage of website visitors that convert into web leads?%
If you are not sure, let’s use 2%.
7 With that percentage, we’ll need to attract
additional visitors a month.
Divide 5 by 6 . Then multiple that by 100 because 6 is a percentage.

Calculate How Much To Spend On Attracting a Visitor

  • How much should you pay for a visitor?
  • How much would you pay for a web lead?
  • How much is too much? What’s the right amount?
  • This tool will help you determine how much it makes sense for you to spend on web traffic.
Want to explore how to measure your ROI? Schedule a free collaborative hour to explore your ROI with Steve Schmidt, Web Advisor at Effect Web Agency:
1 How much is your margin on an average sale? $
2 How much of this margin are you comfortable spending on advertising and marketing? $
3 How many web leads does it take to get a sale?
4 So you can spend$
per web lead. Divide 2 by 3.
5 What is the percentage of website visitors that convert into leads?%
Take it from your answer in icon 6 in the other form or if you are not sure, let’s use 2%
6 How many visitors does it take to get a lead?more web leads a month from the website.Divide 3 by 5. Then multiple that by 100 because 5 is a percentage.
7 So, you can spend a maximum of $
per visitor. Divide 4 by 6.


Note: A realistic cost per visitor depends on the level of your online competitors.

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