Revolution Slider – Setting Starting/Expiration Date on Slides

Video Summary

How to Set a Starting Expiration Date on Slides

  1. Go to the options on the left-hand side and go to the revolution slider
  2. Select edit slides, and then select edit slide on whichever one you want.
  3. After loading, in order to create an expiration date you need to type in a date in the “visible until” field.
  4. Select update slide at the bottom of the page and the slide will now no longer be visible when it hits the entered date.

inside of the revolution slider plug-in

there is options to set slide expiration

dates so when you go to the revolution

slider on the left hand side and you

click that you can then go to the

different slides

and when you go here you’ll see the

option to edit the slides so click that

and then it’ll take you to the page

where the different slides are and then

choose which slide you want to set the

expiration day for and whichever one you

choose go to edit slide and the

expiration date area will be right at

the top and you’ll see something where

it says visible from you can put in a

date so you can actually set a starting

time for our slide so you can set some

slides up where you know they can be

shown in the future and you can set a

starting date for them and you can also

set an expiration date it says you know

slide will be visible until this date is

reached so if this event takes place on

January 16th you could then set the

expiration date then you can just set it

to the correct date so January 16th so

then when that date comes then that

slide will then be removed from the

slider so once you have that set you

then go down and update slide and then

that will update the slide and it’ll

then expire on that date

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