Pasting Word Content into WordPress Pages


How to paste word content into WordPress

  • First, copy your content from your Microsoft Word document. (highlight the selected text and press ctrl+c)
  • Second, paste your content onto the text tab of WordPress.(select designated spot and press ctrl+v) Do not paste in the visual tab. This will keep bold and italicized words in the text. Just paste on the text tab.

Video Transcript

okay so what we want to do is when we

take the content from the Microsoft Word

document when we paste it into the

WordPress page we want to make sure it’s

on the text tab and not the visual tab

the visual tab is what you see on the

website as to the text is the coding

that works to make the visual what it is

so when we paste it into here we want to

make our empty space then when we paste

it it’ll look like that in the visual

tab but if you paste it right into the

visual tab if let’s say everything is

bold italicized and underlined and you

just want the text so when you paste

this into the visual tab it’s going to

paste what came out of the Microsoft

Word document but if we paste that into

the text tab it’s just going to paste

the words and that’s what we want to do

this keeps it from using the word

formatting and just pasting the text

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