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Video Summary

How to Edit Photos in WordPress

  • First, on any page you can upload an image on click select file
  • Second, find the photo you wish to use
  • Third, after it has uploaded click the edit image button
  • Now you can select scale image to change the height/width of the image
  • To crop just highlight a specific part of the image with your cursor

Video Transcript

in this video I’ll show you how to

upload an image resize it and crop it

inside of WordPress so on any page or

post or other elsewhere where you can

upload an image this screen will come up

and you can click select files and find

your file

it’ll do it’s uploading

and once it’s done it’s going to show us

the thumbnail and on the right-hand side

we’re gonna have an edit button okay so

there it is so there’s our little

thumbnail I chose a nice big image so we

can practice resizing and cropping so

let’s click this edit image button okay

now we see this edit screen now let’s

say we want to just bring it down in

size because this image is actually a

full size image what we can do is come

over here and click on scale image and

we can type in the width or the height

that we want to scale it by so if we if

we know for example that we want the

width to be 800 pixels we would type

that in the width field which is on the

left if we know that we really need to

scale it by the hide then the height

must be 300 pixels high we can type it

in that place and that field and it’ll

automatically set the other field so if

we click to scale at this point it then

has scaled it and the image has been

saved let’s say we shouldn’t have done

that and we want to restore the original

image just go up here and click on

restore original image and that’ll bring

it back to how it was so it’s it’s it is

the full size you can see here that

dimensions are gigantic but it’s only

showing you a smaller version so that

you can fit it on the screen so let’s

say we want to crop this thing all you

do is come over here to this image and

let’s say we want to focus in on the end

of the pier we just click and drag to

the area we want and you’ll notice on

the right in this image crop box the

selection fields are moving when I’m

moving my mouse so that’s a way that you

can select the area that you want

and it gives you how many pixels are

actually selected since the image is

smaller than it really is that’s pretty

helpful to know what the actual size of

my selection is so let’s say we select

the end of the pier and but we want we

want to get an exact pixel size over

here maybe it’s 500 by 300 well we can

override those numbers to make the

selection box exactly that and we can

also move this thing around a little bit

if we want to tweak it so once that’s at

the perfect spot we’ve got the perfect

dimensions here and we’re satisfied with

how we want to crop this we’ll come up

and click this crop button and it’ll

crop it and then it’ll show you the

bigger version if it’s if the image is

big enough to blow this up it will blow

it up a little bit more otherwise the

image would be showing smaller than this

now with cropping it has not saved yet

so we do need to click this Save button

now if I click the Edit image button

again there’s a couple other things that

you can do you can flip the image or

rotate it I should say or you can flip

it up and down or horizontally if you

need to and if we wanted to change the

what the default caption was for this

image we could come down here and type

this in and depending on your website

design or its theme it may or may not

actually display these on the public

website so if you do change any of these

fields down here just make sure you

click this Update button to actually

save those new captions and you can

always get the URL to this file from

this field right here if you ever need

to link to it or use it in a different

website an email template or whatever

you may need that for thank you

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