LayerSlider – Editing Sliders

the layer slider is the tab on the left

in WordPress that says layer slider WP

and when you click on that it’ll take

you to the list of the sliders that are

currently on the site or are created but

not all of them are on the site so to

make changes let’s say we want to make

changes to the home page slider we would

just click on homepage slider and to

check on where that slider is located

like to make sure that this is the

correct one on the home page you would

go to your pages and you would find to

make sure that it is on the home page

you would find the home page and you

would go into that and there will be a

code either at the top in the content so

right here it’ll say layer slider home

page slider 5 and then we would go back

to our list of sliders home page slider

5 and then that that’ll be the right one

so we’ll click on that to go into it and

up at the top it’ll show the different

slides that are in the slider and by

clicking each one it’ll then change the

slide that that it is so if we go to 1 2

& 3 you can see how it changes and it

shows you kind of a preview of what it

what it will look like but it may not be

exactly like how it is on the home page

or where the slider goes out to so a

couple things we can do is let’s say we

want to change the background image of

one of the slides choose the slide and

then up at the top here it’ll say slide

image and we just want to click on that

and then we can choose that either from

our media library or we can upload a new

background image and then once we upload

that once we upload that we find the

image and then just click insert and

then that’ll show up behind this new

slider and the slider the image

dimensions will be in the handbook so

that you will know exactly what size of

images that need to be posted into the

slider and then after you have the

background image fixed if you want to

make any changes to any of the content

that switches in and out you would just

click on that area and then down below

it’ll show that layer so by default it

may show this transition and you just

click the content and then now you can

make the changes to the text so this one

we would click on that and then it it

would bring up transition by default and

then you just click content and then

here is the text that is displaying on

that layer and that can go for different

layers I have on different slides you

want to edit this click that click this

area anywhere in there click content and

then there’s the text so a lot of these

have these little break codes and what

that does is you can see it says serving

the Elkhart and then it’s got break so

that tells it to go down to the next

line County community break and then it

breaks it down to the third line and

you’ll see these other things these are

called strong tags this is what makes

that text bold so if you wanted to

change any of this other text to be bold

you would put this strong tag on either

side of the text like the county

community you just put this strong tag

at the beginning and then this strong

tag at the end and this one’s just

slightly different it has little little

forward slash on it so

that tag surrounded by that font

surrounded by that tag will they make it

bold and then this can also be you can

click and drag this anywhere like let’s

say you put up a new background image

and the person or the main focus is in

the left hand side you can then take

this and drag it over to the other side

and then you can save the changes and go

out to the home page and make sure that

it lines up correctly or it’s the right

way because like I said this is just

kind of a simple preview it may not be

exactly how you see it out on the main

site so after we have that we have our

slides we’ve made any changes to them

once we’re done we can just do the inter

preview and then also show us us a

little a little simple slider like that

and I’ll show you how it kind of works

and see this doesn’t look exactly how it

shows out on the site but just kind of

shows you a brief glimpse of it so once

we have everything we like we click Save

Changes and then after that we can then

go out to the page that the slider is on

and check them out and see if they’re

good so that is just a brief tutorial on

simple background image and you know a

different layer editing like these to

our images so if we click one we can go

down and do content and you can see the

image right here and it’ll say it’ll

show you kind of a preview if we just

click that we can then choose a

different image as well and then insert

that to replace that image so these can

be replaced and this can also be edited

by going to the content so after that

you got everything you know updated it

then you can also just kind of go

through make any transition changes this

is kind of advanced stuff but there’s

transitional changes and some more

advanced stuff that kind of goes along


lighter but doesn’t necessarily need to

be edited and you can also add new

layers so let’s say we have some text

and we also want to add another block of

text we can we can duplicate this layer

which is it’s a lot handier to just

duplicate it because this has some

custom styling CSS to it so what the

best way to do is like on the home

slider or on the second slide something

like this we just click on that

duplicate this layer and then it’ll make

another one just like that and then we

can go in and edit out that content and

then it’ll also have that what that you

know the white background to it that

font the way it is and you’ll just be

styled and it’ll save a lot of time on

having to custom style that again then

once you’re done you just click your

Save Changes

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