LayerSlider – Duplicating and Deleting Sliders

along with editing our slider and making

changes to individual sliders we can

also duplicate sliders so that we can

easily implement them somewhere else in

the site so if we go to our layer slider

area we just find the slider that we

want to duplicate so let’s say we have

our homepage slider and we want to use

that slider that same exact slider the

same width of it the same dimensions

just kind of the same layout you know

it’s going to have the same actions the

same content same images and so forth so

we want to duplicate that so let’s find

the slider we want to duplicate and

let’s say it is this homepage slider one

that we want to duplicate so we find

that over on the right hand side this is

a little icon to duplicate the slider

when we click that the page will refresh

and then it’ll say copy and it should

post it right at the top because it

orders them by date that was created and

also by the ID so if we take if we go

into this we can now make our changes to

the slider and if we want to implement

that to anywhere on the site we can then

take this shortcode of the slider we can

copy that and we can paste that in any

of the pages or we can use the visual

composer element that is created for

specifics layer slider

so if we go into our page that we want

to paste or if we want to put in the

layer slider so we’ve got our visual

composer and we add our row that we want

to put it in and if we click on the plus

icon to put a visual composer element in

here we can then search for it so that

we can find it faster and with it is the

layer slider and all we do is we find

the new layer slider that we created and

what it does it shows them by the title

so we can then go back to our layer

slider we can give it a specific name

and right now it’s homepage slider one

copy so that we so by that we know that

we can choose the home page slider one

copy Save Changes and then we can update

our page and then that will show that

layer slider in that area and if we want

to delete that we can just delete it so

that is how you can duplicate sliders

and use them somewhere else in the site

so for this one if we want to make some

small changes to it

then it won’t make any changes to the

other one because now we have a

duplicate of it and if we want to get

rid of a slider we can just hit the

trash can to delete it


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