7 Ways to Increase Website Traffic


Without traffic, your website is pretty much useless. So, how can you increase website traffic? Thankfully, the answer is not too complicated. You can increase website traffic by incorporating several different marketing strategies. Which of them you use depends on your clients, your resources, and your budget.

organic Organic Search

When you enter a search string into your browser, the websites that come up are a mixture of paid and organic results. Google first lists relevant paid advertisements, and underneath those, they return local businesses that match your query. Finally, organic search results are listed. Organic results are the URLs Google considers most relevant to your search from all the sites across the web. The algorithm for determining this is a well-guarded secret, but we do know that several things can increase your rank in their search results.

Intentionally formatting your website content to increase your rank is called search engine optimization (SEO). A lot of people have heard the term but don’t realize how important it is if you want to increase website traffic. You can have one of the most beautiful sites ever built, but if people can’t find it, then it was a waste of money. You must optimize your site for organic search if you hope to draw people (without having to resort to paid advertising).

Pros of Organic Search

  • High rate of conversion
  • Works well with local markets
  • Grows over time
  • Free Advertising

Cons of Organic Search

  • Takes time to build your reputation
  • Takes time and effort to publish quality content

Effect Web Agency offers a monthly SEO Package that is helping companies increase website traffic at an affordable price. Improve your rank in the search engines and draw more people to your site. Find out more by calling our office today.

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remarketing Remarketing Advertising

Remarketing lets you show ads to people who’ve visited your website or used your mobile app. When people leave your website without buying anything, for example, remarketing helps you reconnect with them by showing relevant ads across their different devices.


  • More efficient than advertising to a new audience.
  • ROI easy to measure
  • Lower cost


  • Won’t increase website traffic as much as other methods unless your list is large.
  • Takes time to build a database of people for remarketing

Effect Web Agency employs marketing experts that can help you plan the right marketing strategy for your company. Use remarketing as a part of your overall strategy for a greater return on your investment.

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google Google Adwords

As we mentioned in the section on Organic Search, the top few spots on the search engine results page (SERP) are reserved for paid advertising. Google Ads are created using keywords or (Google Adwords). Knowing how to target your audience and get the most on your investment is important to your marketing strategy.

Pros of Using Google Adwords

  • Turns on traffic like a faucet
  • ROI easy to measure
  • It will grow your list of subscribers and your remarketing database

Cons of Paid Advertising

  • Can cost more per lead than other methods

Effect employs an Adwords Expert recognized by Google as one of the best in the nation. Find out how to increase website traffic and conversions using targeted advertising by calling Effect Web Agency and setting up a Free Marketing Consultation.

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writing  SEO Writing & Web Content Services

The buzzword right now in digital marketing is ‘content.’ Google’s push for increased relevancy includes recognizing sites with in-depth, quality content. Not only do you need to educate your visitors but you also need to write your content so Google can understand what you offer.

Search engines like Google and Bing analyze and categorize content on your website based on its depth and quality. Then, when a consumer makes a query, the search engine accesses all indexed data and presents the most relevant pages to the user. 

Writing for SEO means including specific keywords in your content that will help it rank for relevant searches.

Pros of Developing a Content Strategy

  • Bursts of traffic when you publish
  • Residual traffic for years
  • Reaches niche markets
  • Builds trust with your audience and positions you as an expert in your field
  • it improves your rank in the search engines.

The Cons Associated with Writing Content

  • Writing takes time and creative thought to make the content unique and valuable.

While good SEO writing takes time, you can also repurpose old content by adding new information, filling out the bones or the article, and updating out-of-date stats and information. This is an excellent way to produce good content without going through all of the trouble of starting from scratch.

All websites need content. Our content writer is up-to-date on SEO best practices and writing to both B2B and B2C companies. Check out our affordable SEO Packages which include content services.

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deliver Email Marketing

Despite spam filters, email remains the number one communication tool for businesses. In fact, in a recent survey conducted by a major US Email Service Provider, emails ranked number one on a list of marketing activities small businesses found most effective.


  • Stay in touch with your audience, so you are in front of them when they are ready to take action


  • Some additional costs for a contact database and managing email sending

The best news about email marketing is that it is available even to those with smaller budgets. We can help you set up an email campaign to reach your clients and keep them engaged. Let us show you how to take advantage of email marketing.

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local Local Listings

Local search marketing is not just for local businesses. Every business has a local market. To take advantage of that market, you need local optimization of your website. Local optimization occurs when you focus on a certain geographic location. This emphasis could be a country, a state, a city, or even a zip code.

Another way to rank locally is to submit your site to various local directories.

Pros of Local Optimization

  • Mostly a one-time effort
  • Inexpensive to setup
  • Free traffic for a long time

The Drawbacks of Marketing Locally

  • The amount of traffic depends on the size of the local population.

There are lots of companies out there that offer to help with local listings. What you want is one that can get you listed in the main directories AND help you write the SEO content you need for local optimization. The listings are not enough. Contact us so we can take a look at where your business currently ranks and how you can improve your local optimization.

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facebook Social Media Marketing

Social media is great for getting brand recognition. The cost of advertising is small compared to other channels, and if you can develop a following, your patrons will advertise for you. They do this by sharing your posts.

Pros of Social Media Marketing

  • Can generate traffic for sites that don’t rank well.
  • You can run social media ads to a target audience by demographics
  • No fees for posting or getting your name ‘out there.’

Cons of Relying on Social Media

  • Traffic conversion rate typically low, unless you’ve got something unique
  • Usually smaller amounts of traffic than other sources
  • Requires quite a bit of time if you make regular posts.

Effect partners with a social media marketing specialist who can help design a social media campaign tailored to your company. If you have wanted to explore this increasingly popular method of marketing, give us a call. We can explain how you can integrate a social media campaign with your content marketing strategy for an even greater return on your investment.

Which Method Will Increase Website Traffic the Fastest?

Without a doubt, the fastest way to increase website traffic is with Google Adwords. However, it is also the most expensive method and only lasts as long as your budget. Organic search traffic takes longer but is less expensive and continues over time. The perfect marketing strategy integrates all seven of the methods we outlined above. Each one complements the others, and together they can increase website traffic quickly and significantly.

Make sure people can find your website so you can increase website traffic. Call today and speak with our marketing specialist. Find out how you can grow your business through marketing.


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