How Will Web Design Change In The Future?


Computers have changed a lot over the years. As culture has evolved, and leaps and bounds have been made in the digital world, web design has changed as well. It’s only natural that web design will continue to change. But what changes should be expected? 

Preparing for that change can be difficult, especially if you don’t know what to expect. Here’s how web design will change in the future. 

Increased Mobile Traffic

One of the biggest changes in web design has to do with the increased use of mobile devices. Currently, around 63% of all searches are made on mobile devices. This number is expected to increase as more people use mobile devices for daily activities. 

As this change happens, web designers will need to accommodate this change by modifying how they design web pages. Large companies, like Google, are already taking notes and adapting accordingly. In March, they will make mobile-first indexing the default method for all searches. 

There are a couple of factors that contribute to this change. The first is the increased power of smartphones. Today’s smartphones are just as powerful as computers from a few years ago. As progress continues to be made, it’s likely that smartphones will become the norm for almost all search traffic in the future.

Another reason for increased mobile searches is the fast-paced culture that we live in. With everyone on the go, it’s rare that anyone sits at a computer or laptop for an extended period of time outside of work. As our culture continues to evolve, it’s pretty easy to imagine a society where more and more people use mobile devices to get things done.

Pageless Websites

Another way web design will change in the future is the increased use of pageless websites. While these already exist, they’re not common. However, they’ve become more popular as they have a few distinct advantages. 

Pageless websites are just that, pageless. They contain 1 page that holds all the information needed from that site. Rather than scrolling to the bottom of the page, and then moving to another, the main page simply doesn’t end until you’ve seen all the content. It just keeps scrolling. 

This innovative design drastically boosts the speed of the website as there are fewer pages to load. Furthermore, the structure of the site will rely on narration as there won’t be a list of pages to go to. Think in terms of a document with a table of contents. It’s all there on one continuous page, and the user has the ability to navigate that page to find relevant information. 

This change greatly affects web design as it completely restructures the layout of the website. SEO, aesthetics, and marketing are all impacted and will need to be adapted for pageless websites. Developers should prepare ahead of time for companies who choose to use this format. 

Chatbots And AI

Perhaps the most “futuristic” change we can expect in web design is the increased use of live chatbots. You’re probably familiar with chatbots as the little boxes that pop up when you visit a site. Usually, you’re greeted with a message like, “What can I help you with today?” or, “Tell me about your problem”. 

The use of chatbots is meant to meet the demand for swift online customer support. Currently, it’s difficult for many businesses to have staff available 24/7 to meet the needs and concerns of their customers. Chatbots and other AI systems can be available at all times for a fixed cost to the company.

This means that web developers need to be familiar with chatbots and their placement in web design. Knowing how to implement customer service tools is quickly going to be a necessity for web developers as more companies choose to implement them on their sites. 

Although it’s impossible to know every change that will affect web design, by analyzing current trends and technological advances, you can be sure that things won’t stay the same for long. Preparing for what may come will help you stay a step ahead as you’re ready to embrace a new era of web design!

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