How To Promote Multiple Business Locations


As businesses grow it is advantageous to develop multiple locations. This allows businesses to reach new clients from different parts of the world. However, several business owners struggle when it comes to promoting each individual location. This needs to be corrected if each location is to remain an effective asset of the company. Here is how to promote multiple business locations.

Allow Business Locations To Market Locally

In order to effectively promote multiple business locations, you should give those locations liberty to market locally. Allowing local managers the opportunity to strategize based on their region is a great way to ensure maximum success. As locations are in different states, cities, and cultures, effective promotion is not the same across the board. Effective promotion in Austin, TX is going to look different than promotion in Chicago, IL. What appeals to one area may not appeal to another. Letting local businesses promote locally is one way you can keep the franchise strong while giving due attention to multiple business locations.

Know The Market

Generic ads work well in getting information out to a wide audience. But promoting local stores is accomplished more effectively when you promote to a local audience. For instance, if a business is located next to a college campus, it should work on effectively marketing towards students. However, a business located in a quiet town of retired individuals would be entirely different. Develop strategies for each location based on potential clients. 

Remember Each Business Location Is Part Of A Franchise 

While it’s good for each business location to market locally, don’t forget they are part of one company and should have a sense of unity. Each location should have the same logo, slogan, color scheme, etc. Developing brand recognition is key to helping each individual location thrive. Make sure that the core aspects of your company are being promoted in each store. This gives more credibility to each individual business location. 

Communicate Company Vision With Each Business Location 

Communicate the company’s vision with each local business manager. Make sure that each location is on the same page with what the company is trying to accomplish, and how they can play their part. Creating this sense of unity within the franchise is a great way to make sure that each location is promoting the same thing, even if it’s in a slightly different way.

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