How to Improve SEO With Just One Landing Page


Client Spotlight – Next Modular

This past month, Joel at Next Modular asked us if we could work our SEO magic and help improve his Google rank. First, we ran a ranking report for each of his target cities. This report lets us know which of his keywords were doing well in the search results and which were not. We found that while he was doing well for his main keywords, several of his secondary words were not ranking as expected.

We then put together a recommendation for fixing the issue.

Our Recommendations for How to Improve SEO With One Landing Page

When we looked at the numbers, we realized that all the non-ranking keywords in his target cities had a similar theme – pricing.

We put together an informational page on modular home pricing aimed specifically towards South Bend, the city he chose to emphasize. The landing page was optimized with the non-ranking keywords and published. After only one week, Next Modular saw seven of their keywords move to Page 1. Many of the other words started trending up.

Remember, this was after only one week. Normally, we wouldn’t expect any significant results for about three weeks. As Google crawls the new page, it updates the relevance of the website and starts moving it up in the search results.

By adding links to his other cities on the Pricing Page, we can improve the rank in those cities as well.

Why SEO is So Important

There are three ways to drive traffic to your site.

  • The old-fashioned, one-on-one, give them a handshake and a business card method – It still works!
  • Ranking high in the search engines and convincing people to click on your URL (SEO and PPC)
  • Social Meda Click-Throughs

Of those, SEO lasts the longest and is one of the least expensive. It does require time, but in Next Modular’s case, not all that much.

Are you ranking where you should? Would you benefit from a review of your site and recommendations on how to improve its performance? If so, give us a call. You might be surprised what a few hours of work can do to increase your business.

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