How to Add Blockquotes

blog posts and basically anywhere else

on the site where you can add in text

blocks with just regular text and you

know it gives you the visual and the

text tab when you’re editing the text

block but within blog post there’s this

really neat feature called the block

quotes and what it does is you can take

a quote from anywhere in the blog post

and you can put this block quote

wherever you want it to be so let’s go

back into the Edit post area and we’ll

show you where the block post or the

block quote feature is so when you’re

within your blog post and you know you

find a nice little quote that you want

to really stand out for people to see

there’s the best way to do this is be in

the text tab and then let’s say this is

what I did I took this quote right here

and I copied and pasted it down down

here and what you do is well since this

isn’t the full quote and there’s more I

just added the dot dot dot to it let’s

just delete this real quick so what you

do is you take your block or your quote

that you want to put in the block quote

copy that

put it down here and then highlight the

entire quote that you just pasted and

click this block quote and then that

will then put these tags around it and

then once you update the page then it’ll

have this cool little kind of makes it

pop out makes it look cool and people

notice that cool better and this can

also be cleaned up it adds in these

empty areas to kind of space it out

better but that’s not really needed so

just delete two of those on top and two

on the bottom so there’s just one space

on top fit and underneath it and then

just hit update and then that’ll be it

once the page refreshes you can go out

to your blog post refresh it and check

out the new block quote and there it is

and it’s already automatically styled

once you do put some kind of quote

within these block quote tags and you

don’t have to add those manually you can

just paste the quote anywhere and then

highlight it you know make sure you

highlight it oh I’m gonna add this and

make sure you highlight it the entire

quote that you just pasted and just

click this it’s called be quote and then

that will then put the tags around it

and that’s it and then update and you’re

all good to go

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