Gravity Forms – Viewing Entries

when using gravity forms to view the

entries there were the submissions that

people have sent through the forum you

can go to forms on the left-hand side

here you can either click forms to then

you know choose one of the forms or you

can go right to entries either way

you’ll be able to get to the entries so

if we go to forms

then below the forum when you hover over

the the forms name it’ll open up this

these like options these different links

that you can click one of them is

entries so then you can click entries

and then when it shows the list of

entries you’ll be able to click on the

person’s name it’ll show you know the

first or whatever fields you choose you

can actually choose more fields to

include within the columns right here

like these these different columns so

what I’ve done before is I’ve added a

column that was like date created so you

could see when the the entry was

submitted so you could do entry date

right here move that over to be one of

the active columns and that will reload

and so then you’ll have the different

fields across the top you know as the

different columns and when you have

submissions in here the first name or

like this first field right here will be

linked and you can click that and it

will you can then go into the actual

entry and see any other detailed

information that you you asked from the

person and another quick thing is when

you’re doing the forms if you click

entries if you have multiple forms you

want to make sure that you’re viewing

the entries for you know the form that

you want to check so when you come up

here there’s a little drop-down and

it’ll show all your different forms and

by default it might be the very top one

so you might come in here to the

interview might click entries come in

here there might be nothing and then you

got to remember that up here you have to

choose the right form in this trap down

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