Gravity Forms – Exporting Entries

when using gravity forms and we want to

export the form entries from the

wordpress dashboard first we’ll go to

the forms tab scroll over that and click

import / export by default it should be

on the export entries tab from here in

the drop down we’ll select the form that

we want to export the entries from and

it will load the form from here we can

select the fields that we want to export

we could either select all of them and

then take out ones that we don’t need or

we could just go through and click the

ones that we need so if we just want to

do first name last name email and

address information maybe phone and then

questions or comments once we have our

fields selected scroll down to the date

range and you can either choose any date

range that you want so we could either

choose everything in the past month so

from April 1st April 22nd or we can even

go back to a year before and choose

everything from a year ago to now and

then once we have our date range set up

we can then download the export file

that will load and then it will download

a CSV file now the CSV file will then be

able to be used in any Excel programs

Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet

management software

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