Gravity Forms – Editing a Form

this will be a basic video for editing

gravity forms editing your your forms

that are gravity forms so when you go to

your forms area and underneath the form

that you want to edit just click the

edit link and then that will take you to

the Edit form page

what kind of cover the basic options

that gravity forms gives you but there

there are some pretty advanced things

that you can do with gravity forms but

for this we’ll just go through the

basics some of the standard fields maybe

a few of the advanced fields so we have

in here by defaults you know name email

phone comments like a paragraph text

field so the name we can’t come in here

and just you know we can have one field

if we want for just first name we can

you know choose last name and we can

also make any of these required so each

of these have this checkbox in them to

be required to make them required fields

then over on the right-hand side here

you can grab maybe if you want like some

extra information from them like maybe

what company they’re from you can grab

the single line text right here let’s

put that maybe maybe below name will do

that will do company appearance field

size we can make it you know small it’ll

show right there we can have a small

medium or large I usually prefer large

because the large fields expand to the

full width of the the the content

section that they’re in so if it’s like

within it with if like your form is

inside of a column and your field size

is large it’ll fill up that the column

width which it looks really nice when

you know all the fields are consistent

and you know they’re the full width of

the section but if you have a form on

like a full page like a full width page

some of these you don’t need the field

to go all the way across the the page

like that so in that case you might

choose you know medium or small

depending on the size of the page that

it’s on

but for this I believe this form is just

inside of a column like this so full

width if this was full width and this

was full width it would they would come

out here and that would look a lot nicer

okay so we’ve got a company company

filled in there we don’t really want

that required we do want their name to

be required so we’ll do that it’ll put a

little asterisk nest next to the the

label of the field just letting people

know that you know that’s that’s


let’s do email we’ll have required a

phone number we don’t need it required

but we do want to make these fields

large make sure they’re full width

appearance field size large okay so next

we want to let’s add some maybe some

check boxes you know if see what maybe

what a person’s interested in what maybe

what help do you need maybe you know web

design web but maybe some app

development if they want an app made and

maybe or they want some maybe some SEO

marketing like that there you go there’s

some three different things so we add

some checkboxes in there we don’t need

that to be required we do want maybe the

comments field to be required so we can

you know make sure that they at least

tell us you know what they kind of need

some other options here multi select

drop-down which is you know just your

basic drop-down right there add

different choices to it we can also make

that full width like that

let’s see what else do we need

radio buttons radio buttons are similar

to the checkboxes but the radio button

you can only choose one of them so if we

had this you know what help do you need

then if this was a radio button they

would only be able to choose one of

these but with the checkboxes they can

you know check off all that they need

that all when you’re whenever you see

that text that says check all that apply

that that’s what the checkboxes are used

for but like radio buttons you can do

you know you know like a yes-or-no

question maybe that’s about it for the

stander there’s not much to the standard

field number you might ask her number

maybe their budget you know what’s your

lowest what’s your highest budget or

something like that you can put the

number field advanced fields is I won’t

say there’s they’re crazy advanced

they’re just you know more advanced than

you know the standard single line text

field or paragraph text field stuff like

that so the name is in their date you

can ask you know what you can ask for a

date put a date field in there that

actually has a little calendar that they

can click date picker we can choose you

know calendar icon or even a custom icon

that we make no calendar icon for them

to click on and choose the date date

format you can set the format there make

sure that they’re all consistent time

phone address the address field pretty

much gives everything so if you do the

address field you can choose if it’s

like an international address United

States Canadian if we do United States

you can you know choose which options

show you could just have the first

street address not the line to default

state set it required stuff like that so

that’s the address that pretty much

comes ready to go right out of the box

let’s not have that one on there though

website email file upload you can have

them you know upload some images maybe

it’s like a customer

service kind of form and you know you

want them to submit some pictures of

their problem due up file upload here

and then within the file upload you can

tell the the allowed file extensions I

usually just do where it says you know

the examples down here the JPEG the jiff

the PNG is PDFs

I usually just choose those right down

here and allow those that those are the

basic files that you know people are

gonna submit you can choose multi file

upload if you want them to be able to

upload more than one you could do the

multi file their maximum number of files

you can say no no no more than five

images the file size you usually don’t

have to set this unless it’s like it

unless it’s like a person that is maybe

like photographer or a designer that

their their files might be saved in like

a like a format where the file sizes are

just huge you could set this you know

maximum file size maybe five megabytes

or ten ten would probably good because I

know there’s a lot of images right out

of cameras these days where it’s it

they’re almost all larger than five

megabytes so that kind of keep it down

from there so we’ve got our file upload

filled CAPTCHA we can have a CAPTCHA if

we want you need to set that up through

some settings over right here it will

tell you to use this you need to sign up

for an API key into your your reCAPTCHA

site and secret keys in this reCAPTCHA

settings section on the settings page of

the gravity forum so there’s a couple

steps and setting up the CAPTCHA but in

the end it’s really helpful because you

know it’s anti-spam but I’ll also show a

different option to do some anti-spam we

can have a list post fields this is kind

of more techy a little bit more

programming you can you know pull

information from I’m a pull information

from the site

you can show you know you have different

categories post categories like that

I know it’s just this is more of a like

a techy more advanced area you know you

can have custom appeals in there the

title of the post the body text tags

stuff like that the pricing fields if

you’re gonna have a forum that is gonna

be selling anything or gonna be you know

asking for any kind of payment or stuff

like that or you don’t even have to have

a payment go through your form you could

just say I don’t know maybe like a where

those forms where pledges you can have

somebody pledge maybe something like

that you’re gonna have like a you can

show a product in here so then someone

can you know you’re gonna have different

products and somebody can buy products

through the form quantity options

shipping and total if you have the thing

with the total field if you have

multiple products and a person can come

through you know click different

products different quantities and then

you can have the total field and that

will add everything up that they’ve

chosen in the form already for you and

that that’s also ready to go that’ll

just kind of give a total of everything

that the person’s gonna be buying

through the form so that’s about it for

the different fields with the gravity

forms you can kind of see how I’m just

kind of you know you can move stuff

around like that you can edit them

through there but just by clicking the X

you can also duplicate fields if you

have a field that you think you might

maybe use in like a different section of

the form click duplicate that’ll

duplicate that that field let’s see yeah

just kind of

anything else just some examples there

we don’t really need the day company and

sure we’ll have that that okay so we got

our form click update and then we can

once we updated we can just go out to

our page and take a look at it but the

one last thing here is with the settings

the form settings I’ll show you

something and here this is just a little

bit more customization to the form that

gives you like the form title the form

description you can even say what like

the submit button says so here’s our

form title we can give it a description

if we want it label placements we can

have them top left or right aligned and

the labels is talking about are these

right here these are the labels so you

can have them to the top left or the

right because the bottom is the the sub

label is that that’s saved for the sub

labels like that sub label placement

below or above description placement you

can also give descriptions for fields

like in your form if you have a field

that is it that there’s a possibility it

might be confusing for the person you

can give it a description there’s a

description field for it and it kind of

just gives a little bit of text like

underneath the field for them to read

and just explaining that a little bit

further here’s the form button input

type you can have your own image or some

text with the button like that you can

say you know submit you know send now

you know just whatever whatever you want

that button to be there at the bottom

the submit button save and continue you

can have that as an option this is that

anti-spam thing I was telling you about

there’s something called anti-spam

honeypot and what it does is it it puts

like a hidden it puts a hidden field in

here you can’t see it when you’re just a

user using the form and it’s it’s a

field that sometimes people for some

reason have these BOTS

that’s game people sites for you know

contact forms it puts in information

automatically the spot that they use

it’ll put in information automatically

it’s just a bunch of spam and if if it

fills in that hidden field if it fills

in the hidden field it won’t let them

submit the form and so that’s what this

little anti-spam honeypot does is it

puts a hidden field that you know a

regular person like us filling out the

form we’re not going to see that field

and we’re not going to put anything in

that field and so then we could submit

the form but with those those those spam

bots they fill out all the fields in the

form including the one that’s hidden and

so it’s not gonna let them submit it so

that’s what the anti-spam honeypot is so

that we usually have that enabled

because I mean why not you know why not

have an extra layer layer of spam

protection and you can also have the

anti-spam honeypot along with the

reCAPTCHA because you know who knows

some it’s something out there some kind

of spam bot might even get past the

recaptures some days so that’s an also

an option there just a little bit of

extra settings here schedule the form

you can make it go live on a certain day

entry limits maybe have like a you know

the top there like the first 100 people

get something I don’t know it has like

an entry limit and then click update

form settings and that will update the


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