Gravity Forms – Basic Setup

so gravity forms is one of the stronger

and easier to use contact forms right

now that is for WordPress it’s easy to

use it’s easy to customize easy to

remove fields add new fields customize

fields what you want them to say how you

want them to interact just everything

about it is just very simple to use but

still it’s very very strong plug-in so

let’s say we have a page and we have a

nice open area where we want to throw in

a nice contact form something simple you

know name email phone and like a message

field that they can you know have any

comments or questions something like


so when we want to do that we want to

create a new contact form so if we go to

the forms area if we go to our WordPress

dashboard over on the left you’ll see

this little hexagon icon looking thing

and that is the gravity form icon so

just click forms now if you already have

a form created it’ll show up in this

list if you still haven’t created one

and you know you’re starting fresh you

can click the little link that says

create one or go up to add new or just

do new form on the left hand side here

so let’s just add a new form will title

it let’s do just default contact form

and the descriptions not really needed

you’ll need to there’s an option when

you input a form you can choose if you

want it to show the title and the

description so we’ll just put this is a

simple contact form create form and

it’ll save it and then it’ll redirect

you to the area where you create your

form so from here this is where we start

just clicking and dragging anything that

we want in our form so we can start with

just a simple name field that would

probably be in the advanced just you can

either click it

or you can click and drag and it’ll

bring your head over here and you can

even customize this to have first middle

last prefix or suffix whichever you want

it to be and you can also tell if you

want to be required if you you know if

one you want someone to make sure that

they do fill out that field that you

need to click that required option so if

they leave it out and they try to submit

the form it’ll say you know err this

wasn’t filled out so we’ve got our name

in there let’s go ahead and add an email

and let’s make that required so they

have to have a name and an email let’s

do a phone field and we you don’t want

we don’t really need that required we

just kind of want to have a simple email

contact form so we’ll leave that

unchecked and let’s just put in a simple

maybe like a checkbox where you can ask

someone questions and say you know check

all that apply

let’s see field label you know let’s

just say see what kind of work they need

done you know maybe you know what work

do you need done and let’s have the

first choice you know maybe some graphic

design maybe some programming done maybe

just some simple tweaks so there we go

we gave the people some options and they

can you know check those if that’s kind

of you know something that they need

done and we don’t really need that to be

required that’ll just you know be

something that they want so we’ll do

that and let’s just throw in a paragraph

text box down at the end this is like a

bigger area where you know people can

type more that they want in there and

then the label will just put you know

questions or comments and we’ll have

that required so that we want them to at

least say something about why they’re

contacting us so what

we have now is the name email phone just

a little checkbox field and questions or

comments field and if that’s all we want

for our forum we’ll just hit update form

and now we have our forum that’s saved

so we can go back to the forms and check

it out make sure it’s there yup so we

got the contact form there and from here

you can actually see how many people

have viewed it and how many people have

submitted it and we’ll give you like a

conversion percentage you know

converting you know views to entries and

see you know what percent of people that

view your contact form actually fill it

out so that’s a cool little feature now

from here we want to know who the emails

are going to and that is within the

settings so if we click settings on the

form that we want to change this is you

know just the basic form settings like

the label placement if we want that to

show to the left or to the top of where

the fields are we’ll show you that when

we go out to the page and then

confirmations this is where you know you

can say the little message that pops up

when someone submits it you can

customize that saying you know thanks

for filling out the form we’ll be in

touch with you shortly

you know that’s like the default thing

for that and you can edit that the way

you want it and notifications is where

you can set the emails that go to like

what admin or you know certain people so

you can send to you know the admin email

of your WordPress site or you can

actually add in multiple emails so if

you want you know five to six people

receiving a notification from this you

can put in an email and I believe you

just put a comma and then put in the

next email comma next email and so forth

and then each of those people will

receive that notification saying you

know this was submitted like it’ll say

you know subject new submission from

forum title which would be contact form

and then this says all fields so all of

the fields like name email phone all of

that will be included within that

notification email to all those people

and then this is you know from email you

could even put you know the basic when

you get emails from people like no reply

at such-and-such calm you can even put

in whatever email you want in there so

once we have all of that figured out

that is all for the settings and we have

all of our fields away we want it we can

preview it or we can just go out to our

page and put it in there and just see

what it looks like

so let’s go to our page and we said we

wanted in this nice blank spot which is

going to be in this area so if we’re

using using our visual composer we might

want to you know if refresh it so that

it kind of goes back through and

refreshes all of the forms that we’ve

created so we’ll refresh that and we’ll

go back down to our blank spot click on

the + and we’ll find the gravity form

visual composer element click that and

then it’ll give you a drop-down list of

different forms that you’ve created to

insert into that area and this is where

they ask you display form title sure

description sure we’ll do that too

Save Changes update our page and then

let’s go out to our page and check it


all right so what we see here it looks

like you know we could use a little CSS

work because right now the fields are

you know the same colors the background

so we could even go to our page

you know let’s say we want this column

to be like a like a little darker gray

so let’s just kind of give it some

background color see how that looks

maybe some padding give it a little

padding there save it update the page

okay then we’ll go back out see how that

looks all right so you know it pops out

a little bit better now and that is also

each of these fields can also be edited

with CSS so that is also an option and

these can also be stretched out it’s

like if you see how you know it’s it’s

half the screen half the area and we

want that to be stretched out that is

also within the form so if we go back to

our form editor and we’ll find the email

and the phone field go to email and it’s

this appearance tab and right now it’s

the medium sized now if you did small

size it would probably sink it down to

about a third of the width of the entire

area so we want it to be large we’ll do

large on that one go to phone appearance

will do that large update the form go

back out to our page check it out and it

should have yup made it the same width

as all the other fields so that’s just

kind of the basic stuff that goes into

gravity forms it’s as you can see it’s

very customizable it’s it’s easy to you

know we can just get rid of this field

click the X and bring in something else

if we want like a drop-down list of

stuff that they can do that can be

included also but there’s just a lot of

different features to this and you can

have a CAPTCHA so that someone you know

I just people have stuff that’s set up

where they can just keep

your form out and over and over and over

again and it’s kind of like a spammy way

that people get your attention and you

can set up a CAPTCHA so that you know

you see those forms I say are you a


something like that and they have to

fill that out you can have a list

include a website a day so if you know

you’re setting up something where you

know you want people to include a date

like maybe their birthday or when would

be the best time for that you to call

them stuff like that so that can be with

the date time and then this address

field is really handy because if you

click address it automatically puts in

there everything you need for an address

so this is like the International and if

we just set that to United States it

would set it up you know it’s just do a

perfect way you want it and you just hit

update form and it put right in there so

that is the basic stuff for gravity

forms you know it’s easy to use there’s

a lot of features and there’s you know

even more than this that is some

advanced features but that can get into

some programming and some custom CSS


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