Google Analytics Intro

How Do I Use Google Analytics?

  1. Log in to your Google Analytics account.
  2. On the left, Expand “Audience” and click on “Overview”. (This will show the number of people that come to visit your website in a given time period.
  3. In the top right corner, you can choose to see your results over the past few days to months and click to “Apply”.
    a. Sessions are the main metric that Google Analytics uses.
    b. Users (Some users can come back multiple times).
    c. Pages viewed (counts every time someone loads or reloads a page).
    d. Pages under sessions (shows on average how many pages people look at per session)
    e. Average Session Duration (shows average minutes)
    f. Bounce Rate (when someone comes to your site and they come into one of the pages but they don’t click on anything in your site and they just click the back button. 50% is actually pretty normal because there are a lot of people out there that come across your site.)
  4. On the left, expand “Acquisition” and click on “Channels”. (This tells you where people come in at.) 
    a. Organic Search (this is your regular Google listings or Bing listings. Listings you don’t pay for to be there.)
    b. Direct (Google does not know how they got to your site. It assumes they typed the address into their browser manually. Half of this number could just be people from search engines that Google couldn’t detect.)
    c. Referral (this means that it came from another website.)
    d. Social (this means that people came from Facebook, Twitter, etc..)
  5. On the left, expand “Behavior” and click on “Site Content” and then click “All Pages”. (This shows you where people come into the website at.)
    a. Below the graph, you can see the most popular pages. (This can give you insights into what people are paying attention to most on your website.)
    b. If there is a page that is not at the top of the list and it is really important to you then maybe there is something that should be done to make the content, link, button or CTA stand out more.)    

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