Google Analytics Intro

hello this is Steve and I want to show

you several hopeful reports inside of

Google Analytics so once you’re logged

in if it doesn’t take you to the

audience overview already just come over

here to the side expand audience and

then click on overview and this is where

you get to see you know about how many

people come to visit your website in a

given time period to make sure your time

period is the one you want to have set

just come up here to this and choose

your time period if you drop down the

date range you can go to like last month

or last 30 days or you can just pick you

know so many days like that press apply

and then you can see if this chart might

be more helpful if you change it to be

plotted by a week or month it kind of

smoothes out you know what the traffic

looks like so sessions is the main

metric that Google Analytics use a

session is like when I come here and I

spend some time on the site and that

could be you know I could have a session

in the morning I could have a session in

the evening but Google tries to combine

things into sessions rather than like

visits because a visit you could have a

bunch of visits that are really just

part of the same session and then it

tells you how many users you have so you

know some users could come back multiple

times and that’s why is almost always

bigger than users here you have how many

pages were actually viewed so this

counts you know every time someone

reloads the page or loads of page so

that brings us to this number of you

know per session we have about almost

people on average look at almost three

pages per session the average session

duration is about three minutes a bounce

rate that is when somebody comes to your

site and they say just come into one of

the pages but they don’t click on

anything in your site and they just

click the back button that’s bouncing


when people bounce out it means that

it’s just it’s not the site they were

looking for you know they for whatever

reason it’s not the webpage for them and

they were bouncing back out to Google or

wherever they came from so 50 percent is

actually pretty normal that’s just how

it is there’s a lot of people out on the

internet looking for a lot of different

things and they bump into your site and

stuff like that so so 50 percent is

pretty normal okay let me show you the

next report and there’s there’s tons of

reports in here but I’m going to kind of

pick out the ones that seem to be most

helpful let’s go down to acquisition and

then go to all traffic and then go to

channels this tells you where people

come in at so they call these different

types of sources that come from channels

organic search that would be like your

regular Google listings or your regular

being listings listings you don’t pay

for to be there direct just it really

means that Google doesn’t know how they

got to your site so it assumes that they

typed in the address into their browser

manually but according to what I’ve what

I found in red where people have done

tests on this they find out that a lot

of times half of this number could just

be people from search engines that

Google couldn’t he just couldn’t detect

at the time referral that means coming

from another website and social means

that people came from you know Facebook

or Twitter or something like that

so you could look at these numbers a

little bit more deeply and see you know

it’s interesting because people that

come from socially almost always more

fickle so you have a higher bounce right

here than people that come in from

organic search and you can see to the

people from organic search look around

more people that come in directly for

those that do type in your address look

around even more and then socials is the

lowest on their social also has the

lowest amount of time they’re on your

site so social traffic is pretty fickle

anyways you can check

some of that stuff I want to take you to

this other section now let’s go under

behavior and then cite content and then

all pages and this shows you where

people come into the website at so down

here we can see the most popular pages

here’s the homepage the contact page the

about page the what we do page and you

can see how many times people look at

each one of those pages so if there’s a

page that’s really important to you

that’s it’s not up here towards the top

of this list then maybe there’s

something that should be done to you

know make that content or a link to or a

button or a call to action for that

content stand out more or something like

that but this can give you insights into

what people are paying attention to most

on your website ok well that’s that’s

all for this video on that there’s tons

of other reports in here but those few

things are probably some of the most

helpful for just getting an idea as to

what’s going on

thank you very

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