Our Take: Adwords’ New Bid Strategy Works in Your Favor

Google has introduced a new aspect to the automated bidding strategies utilized in Adwords.  Recognizing the power in remarketing (targeting leads that have already visited your website or met a conversion goal), they can now incorporate internal remarketing lists to influence the automated bid strategy set in Adwords.

While manual remarketing targeting already existed in Adwords, this new automated remarketing capacity allows for smarter bidding and more sophisticated options as you set up Adwords bidding strategies, allowing you to inform Google who is most important to you (based on conversion goals) and informing them when to increase the bid because of that.

“For example, you’d want to bid more for someone who has visited your site twice, if you know that those visitors are more likely to convert (be it a download, email sign-up or high-consideration purchase) on the third visit.” – SearchEngineLand.com

Thinking about and testing the steps most leads take before becoming customers helps you identify your most effective conversion goals and set up the campaigns to help them move closer to your desired outcomes. Incorporating remarketing data optimizes your keyword bids for greater conversion – and utilizes this powerful new addition in the Adwords toolbox!

For the full article, go to Search Engine Land.


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