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Elementor is a relatively new wordpress

page builder

we have in the past it’s always been

visual composer that we used and we have

recently switched over to element or

just because of the just the amount of

customization that you can do is far

greater than what you can do with visual

composer and it’s it’s a lot it’s a lot

better it’s a lot better functioning

drag-and-drop builder also the

drag-and-drop is a lot smoother and you

can just you can see you know the live

preview of the site as you’re building

it and it’s just it just seems like they

took you know the popular page builders

put the best features of all them

together and put them into one plugin so

we can kind of give just a quick you

know run through just a quick intro here

to Elementor it is free to use but we

use the pro version just because it

gives you a lot more options with not

only editing the content but like

editing you can customize your own your

own header your own footer just like

everything about every section of your

website you have you know 99.9% control

over so it’s really really helpful that

way like it says there’s no coding

needed but it allows you to have

advanced coding if you want to use that

which is great on our part also it is

fast we have tested it and in this fast

very easy to use they’re coming out with

a lot more themes when we used visual

composer it’s because everybody was

using visual composer and all the

popular WordPress themes were using a

visual composer and so you had a bigger

selection of themes with visual composer

but now with Elementor they’re there

they’re getting their theme selections

out there a lot of people are switching

over to Elementor so there’s gonna be a

lot more themes to choose from in the


pretty soon in the future this is just

kind of showing you the different you

know customizations you can work with

and it definitely does work like this

resizing columns is a huge one that

we’ve been using instead of you know

just the normal you know the three

columns you know all of them they’re

saying with you can actually just click

and drag the size of the columns I get

showing you this is very helpful to

column and content positioning because

sometimes you have to put in some custom

padding around stuff to make them align

the way you want them but with Elementor

you can just say I want these to align

to the middle and boom it’ll align

everything to the middle making them you

know even no matter how much contents in

there the padding and margin setting is

very handy to use because it allows you

to do it on all devices you know desktop

tablet mobile you can set different

patties at different margins for

different devices which is great because

you know on desktop a lot of padding

might look good with the more room but

then on phone you know it might be way

too much on phone you’re just scrolling

way too much so you want to reduce the

padding on mobile and with Elementor you

can do that column gaps that’s also

handy to use this is what I was kind of

mentioning there they are very frequent

really coming out with new stuff to have

more control over the site like we were

we were using Elementor for a couple of

weeks and then there was an update where

they allowed that it came with like a

new update where you could have full

control over your blog pages like your

individual blog pages category pages

archive pages and that was just a huge

thing also because before it was kind of

built into WordPress you didn’t have

much control over it the pre-made

templates we used that sometimes if it’s

close to the design handy just to plop

that in there

the different elements there’s a lot of

third-party plugins that are coming out

that give you way more elements to the

basic element or elements that are built

into it and you know there’s a just

ain’t pretty much anything out there

right now if you need to do something to

your site there’s probably a third-party

plug-in that ties into Elementor too to

allow you to do that and this is just

kind of showing you the different

elements that are built into it there

are you know pro version this is why we

use the pro version because a lot of the

stuff we’ve already been using like the

slides it’s just a quick slider there

are the posts when you want to show like

show your recent posts they have a thing

for that quick form a portfolio area if

you want to put a navigation menu

somewhere like maybe on mobile you want

to an AB menu somewhere else you can put

that in there so yeah it’s just a lot of

functionality oh just a lot of features

to use and it’s just getting better and

better so it is completely mobile

friendly out-of-the-box it’s mobile

friendly and it’s just something that we

are going to be continuing to use for a

while so we’re going to be getting into

some deeper videos going into like how

to edit with Elementor doing how to use

the different elements padding and

margins that kind of stuff and we’re

going to go into that with other videos

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