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Elementor is a mobile-friendly visual page builder that grants a very large amount of customization with a simple interface. After installing it to your WordPress site you can go to edit and find it there, and once you’ve clicked edit it will give you the ability to move, resize, and adjust most things on a page to fit your needs. Elementor is free but we use the pro version because it provides you with a lot more options for editing content, customizing the header, footer and more. There is no coding needed but it does give you an option to use advanced coding if you choose.

  1. Log in to wp-admin with your user name and password.
  2. In the dashboard, click on “Plugins”.
  3. Scroll down the list to see if “Elementor” is installed. If it is not installed follow these steps:
    a. At the top, click “Add New”.
    b. In the search at the right, type Elementor.
    c. Click “Install Now” and activate.
  4. In the dashboard, click on “Pages”.
  5. Click “Edit with Elementor”.
  6. You can click and drag to adjust columns.
  7. Column and content position – you can choose if you want to align everything to the middle and make the columns even no matter how much content is in each one.
  8. Padding and Margin Setting – this allows you to adjust the padding and margins on all devices. You can select a different setting for each device.
  9. Column Gap – this allows you to adjust column gaps.
  10. Pre-Made Templates – these pre-designed templates help you jumpstart the design process.
  11. Elements – there are a lot of options  such as video, image gallery, testimonial, accordion, toggle,  social icons, posts, form, portfolio, call to action, navigation menu, and much more. Also, Elements includes built-in 3rd party widgets that give you even more options to choose from.

YouTube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zs-OXRCTCDA&feature=youtu.be

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