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this is a quick video but will come in

very handy there when you’re editing

your page and let’s say you are editing

a bunch of content on a page or you’re

adding new content to a page and you’re

not quite finished with it you know it

doesn’t look quite right you’re not done


but you still want the page to be

published and you still want people to

see the other content that is on the

page but not just the new content to do

that you can hide sections or elements

or you know columns you can hide any of

those on like certain devices so if you

hide them on all devices it’ll

completely hide that section no matter

what no matter what they’re on if we

have like a section like this maybe this

call-to-action we’re just you know here

we have some you know filler text in

there we’re not quite done with it

we’ll just hide it for now we can do

that by clicking the edit section button

going to the Advanced tab click

responsive and this visibility option

there is options for hide on desktop

tablet and mobile and with that you know

we can just say hide for all three click

update and now it’s not going to show

let’s go out test it there it is

disappeared or if we have an option if

we have a section where maybe two

sections sometimes I have actually had

to do this a few times where a certain

section didn’t work quite right on

mobile but it worked on desktop you know

vice versa so we had to create different

sections for different devices you know

we had to create a section to only show

on desktop and tablet and then we needed

to hide those on mobile so to do that

you know maybe this section looks good

on desktop and so we’ll say okay so on

desktop and

tablet we will show them make sure it’s

show but then on mobile we don’t want it

to show on mobile so we’ll hide it on

mobile that’s also an option so with

this with this visibility area you can

do that with let me go check out some

other most of the elements that you edit

select this image most of them have that

responsive thing so you can you know

hide them this text maybe we have text

that’s on desktop but some different

text for mobile you can do that go to

advanced responsive hide it on whatever

devices and it also has that way with

columns columns I believe have that yep

okay so columns don’t have that it is

just the sections and the elements so

columns do not let you

I would guess because you know the

columns is are there a big part of the

the page builder at the grid you know

keeping making sure everything is you

know working within the grid and if you

know some of that if a piece of that

grid is removed or just not showing

something it could mess up with the

system so I can understand that part but

anything else the section or any of

these elements that you can edit you can

go into the advanced responsive and hide

or show them depending on what device

you want them to appear on

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