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elementor’s template feature is really

handy when you are creating a section or

like a bit of content that you want you

want to you want it you want to be able

to use it throughout the site but you

only want to you know edit it in one

spot so that you don’t have to go to

each individual page that that that that

template is on to you know make a change

to it like let’s say you you know need a

quick text change on it you don’t want

to have to go through every single page

that this call to action is on and to do

that text edit you only want to be able

to do it in one spot that then all the

changes will go out to wherever the

template is so to do that if you created

you know maybe created like a call to

action like this one that you want to

use on different pages you can save this

section as a template as an element or

template so what that is is when you

have something like this this section

you can right-click a section it can be

on any page that you’re editing this one

just happens to have this section is the

only one on here right now but this can

be done on any page that you’re editing

you can just right-click the row

settings right here like the little grid

look an icon here up in the row settings

click save as template it’ll load up

this little window then you can give it

a name so let’s just do a call to action

I’ll actually do blue call to action and

save okay so now it is in our template

library right there

blue call to action and so when we go

out to other pages let’s say okay let’s

do maybe this landing page edit this

landing page we want to add that

call-to-action to it

let’s open that up with our Elementor

now there’s there’s two ways to do this

the one way the one way to do it lets

you edit the template but the other way

it you can only edit the template in one

spot so I’ll show you what I’ll show you

what those differences are so if we want

that call to action down here at the

bottom of our landing page one way we

can do it is we can click this add

template button right here go to my

templates click our blue call to action

insert yes and it puts it in there I

don’t know why the double we’ll just

remove one anyway

so now we have our call to action in

there and the way that we did it right

there it lets us edit the template but

it takes away from that option where you

know you can edit it in only one spot

and then wherever that template is it’ll

it’ll update it you know throughout the

site so the way that we did it it

doesn’t let you do that you’d have to

come in here and edit it you know

manually but the other way to do it

let’s remove that the other way to do it

to where we can go back to our element

or templates right here there’s our blue

call to action and so the way to do it

to where we can you know edit it right

here and the changes go all throughout

the site wherever it’s at we want to

make sure that we create we’ll put a new

section here’s an empty section in here

we’ll put this element down here that

says template and from this we want to

choose our blue call-to-action template

and so now there it is we might need to

maybe edit a little bit of padding

around it

there we go remove padding from the

column remove padding from our row make

sure that it’s full width and there we

go so now we have our template and you

can see that

I can’t edit it I can’t make any changes

to this content because the way I did it

was I told it to include the template

but just you know just to include the

content and don’t let me do any any

editing to it and so now if I come back

here to element or my templates

go blue call-to-action if I edit the

blue call to action right here anywhere

in the site that I inserted the template

this way it’s going to update all of

these and so that’s why I mentioned the

one that I did first I said you know the

way that you did that it’s not gonna let

you do it from you know my templates you

have to come in here manually and do

each one because of that certain way

that you inserted the template it’s it’s

kind of confusing at first but once you

once you you know set up a bunch of

different templates like this like if

you go across a bunch of different pages

and set it up this way you know put the

section find the template element put it

in there and then say blue call to

action like this if you go throughout

multiple pages and put them in like this

then you can see actually let me show


we’ll just update this page let’s see

okay so that was our landing page let’s

view that real quick okay so here is our

call to action there now let’s go back

to our element or templates our blue

call to action and let’s edit that with

Elementor now we’re not going to the

landing page to edit it we’re going to

the the element or elements there this

this preview thing is going to do this

you know don’t worry about this stuff on

the side here let me let me just check

something real quick here settings

let me go back to yeah I believe the

dashboard settings maybe no okay let’s

go back to a wordpress dashboard because

it’s going to show this but it’s you

know and that’s what not supposed to be

doing that let’s do content layout full

width stretched this is our blue

call-to-action template let’s do full

width stretched it should not have the

sidebar in there then let’s just make

sure okay no sidebar full width

stretched we’ll update that then we’ll

go back into Elementor okay so let’s go

back into our edit with Elementor the

blue call-to-action Elementor template

okay perfect so now I don’t worry about

this text up here that’s just some

preview text there so here’s our call to

action if we make any changes to it

let’s do let’s maybe erase this text we

don’t want that text actually let’s just

take out that item there okay so we have

this would you like to start project

with this phone number we will update

our template go back to our landing page

and double check there it is so now we

didn’t have to go into the landing page

to edit it or wherever this call to

action was throughout the site it you

know if you have a site with you know 30

landing pages and you have a call to

action on you know over half of them you

don’t want to have to go into each one

to edit the text in the call to action

for each one you just want to be able to

go to the the element or templates area

edit your template there and then

wherever that template is put into a

page it’ll make the updates there

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