Editing the WordPress Menu

this tutorial will cover how to make

changes to the main menu in WordPress

it’s usually the menu that shows up in

your main header area next to the logo

so once you are logged into WordPress

once you log into the backend of

WordPress through the admin login area

you’ll want to go down to appearance and

menus from here there will be a

drop-down that asks you to choose what

menu to edit now there are some sites

that when they’re set up sometimes they

have maybe two or three menus like there

might be a like a footer menu we might

have a menu in the footer but usually

there’s just the one primary menu that

it’ll say primary and then down here

it’ll say display location and the top

navigation in the top navigation is this

area up here on the site so whichever

one in the drop-down has this chosen as

the display location then that’s what’s

going to show in the top navigation area

on your site so to make changes to this

while we’re making web pages sometimes

we make new pages and those new pages

are added to the most recent tab and

they’re show they show up in this check

box area that’s just a quick way to add

new pages that you just made in case

your site has a lot of pages because

when you go through the view all tab

it’s going to show all the pages and

there can be quite a bit sometimes on

certain sites

and like up here you know there’s a

numbers to go to because there’s so many

pages so the most recent is handy to use

when you just recently created new pages

or you can search for a page if you know

the title name of it so let’s add a

couple pages to our menu let’s say we

just created these three pages the

typography clients and blog pages we

want to add all three of them so we can

click all three check off all three and

then click Add to menu and then from

here we can then move them around to

where we want them on the site and

you’ll see as you’re dragging them

sometimes these little the dotted lines

can be adjusted to the left or sometimes

they could be to the right just a little

bit what that does is right now these

are all along the left hand side and

these will all show up along the top

menu so if we save this we’ll save this

and show you what this will look like so

we’ve got a home typography about

contact clients and blog so if you go

out here let’s refresh and there’s our

updated menu to make sub menu items like

under let’s say under about us we want

to have clients and blog in a drop-down

we don’t want them on the main menu like

across the top we want them in a sub

menu so what we want to do is we’ll take

clients drag it up here and we want to

move it just a little bit to the right

and you’ll see that the dotted line

adjusts to the right a little bit and

then we’ll drop it right there and the

indent underneath about means that

everything indented under about will be

in the sub menu so if we want to add

another item to the sub menu we can drag


and move that right underneath clients

not indented but just right underneath

it so let’s say that go out and check

out our changes so under about we should

have a drop down yep there’s our drop

down we got our two items in there now

to make a third submenu or like the

second submenu we can even indent this

one to the right

so now blog will be a submenu item of

clients so if we save that go back out

so we have about us we have clients and

then we’ve got the blog which is the

second drop down this can come in handy

when you want to reduce the amount of

items in the main menu when you can kind

of condense things down sometimes the

menu could get too close to the logo and

you may need to adjust font size maybe

or just condensed down the menu or you

know create submenus like this you can

also edit the title of these pages so

like this page has the title about us

and what that will automatically do is

out in the menu when you add a new page

it will add the title of the page but we

can edit this in the menu so if we just

want to have this say about you know

everyone knows pretty much what about us

means so we could just put about

okay we don’t need to click save for

anything we can just do that and then

click the arrow to condense it and

contact us we can just change that to

contact we’ve got that now we can save

it go to our page refresh and now we’ve

kind of condensed it down a little bit

now instead of about us and contact us

it’ll just say about and contact that’s

that’s also handy when just kind of

making it a simpler menu and just not

having so much on there and if if it

gets too close to the logo then you can

you know condense it down in that way

also so from our pages we can also add

new posts that we’ve created if we do

the posts tab over here on the left hand

side it’ll show the most recent posts or

we can view all and choose from that

list and that just works the same way as

it does with the pages you can add a

post and then you can also change the

title to whatever you want so we’ll just

kind of condense that down change that

to just protein bar also portfolio items

if you have any portfolio items these

will show up in the most recent and also

in the view all area so you can add

portfolio items custom links custom

links is if you want to link to maybe a

third party page or if you have just

uploaded a new PDF you would go to the

media library you would grab the link to

your PDF and then you put it right here

in the URL field and then give it some

text so if we got our URL to our PDF and

we just want to say here is our PDF


add the menu actually let’s do a quick

let’s do that for now Add to menu and

then this will be our link to download

the PDF let’s see we’ve got categories

like portfolio categories and post

categories so we can add those

categories to the main menu like if you

want to link to all of the posts that

are under the business post category you

can add that to the menu so when someone

clicks on that it’ll go to a page where

all of the posts that have the business

category checked off they’ll be under

they’ll be on this page and this also

goes with portfolio categories

portfolios have their own categories

also have their own category pages the

rest we I feel I haven’t ever used

before but they can be used testimonial

categories you could link to a page with

all those testimonials in that category

any sliders usually the slider is on

maybe the home page so you don’t really

need to link to the page that has the

slider some carousels that’s just

different types of sliders and masonry

gallery categories that’s just a

different type of different type of

gallery that’s used so that’s that’s how

to add new pages to the the main menu to

remove any of these we can just click

the down arrow click remove and then

that will just take off the page remove

that we will remove this and we can just

remove that so we’ll keep our clients

submenu so we’ve got our pages removed

that we don’t want then we can click

Save menu

a couple things about making changes

inside of this drop-down area there’s

some things to keep in mind like you’ve

got your title you’ve got a couple

checkboxes here so what this does is

let’s say we’ve created a new main menu

item we could even add like a custom

link something that we don’t that we

don’t have a page for but we want it to

be in the main menu to say you know here

here is this category of pages and then

underneath we can have the actual pages

so like here’s about let’s say we don’t

have an about page but we want that in

the menu so that people can go to the

about drop-down and all the pages under

it are part of like the about about

category so if we don’t want to actually

link to an about page we can we can use

this because actually there is a page

for the about but so let’s do this let’s

add this with the pound sign about add

to menu so here is the about link that

you know doesn’t link to a page and it’s

just used for the main menu purposes

let’s remove this one so we have that so

now they are able to click it but it

won’t go anywhere

so what we want to do is we want to

check off this don’t link checkbox what

that’ll do is people can still hover

over it but there’s no option to click

it it’s just kind of a menu item that

you can put up pages under it so if we

go back refresh we’ve got about so when

you hover over it now and you can click

it it’s not going to do anything it’s

just a menu item and now clients is part

of the

I’ll drop down so that’s just something

where if you have a bunch of individual

pages where you say these would be

really great under maybe a contact group

they’d be different contact pages or the

about page like you have a bunch of

different individual pages that describe

your company or your business and you

don’t actually have an about page but

you have a bunch of individual pages

this would be something good to use

where you can just make a menu item like

about remove the link and then put all

those individual pages under it there is

also a another item like if we have a

link to a PDF and we don’t actually we

want it to open up in a new window

because sometimes it’s better for people

when you like a like a PDF

especially to link it to a new window so

it opens up a new window because

sometimes people open up that if it

opens up in the same window sometimes

people will open up the PDF and forget

how to click back to go back to the site

or they just click off of the tab and

then now they’re off the site so what we

want to do is we want to open that up in

a new window so if we add we here is our

we’ll just say that’s our PDF link we

want to grab that from the media library

put the link to the PDF in here give it

some text add to menu and inside of here

we can choose the option it’ll say

target and we want to choose blank now

right now I’m not seeing it so what we

want to do is go up to screen options

where it says link target we want to

make sure that’s checked and then we can

close this and go back down and now

it’ll give us an option that says open

link in a new window or tab so this is

that’s something you need to use when

especially doing the custom

link’s because sometimes you might link

to a different site or like a like a

third-party site and you don’t want

people to actually leave your site

completely you just want them to do this

where it opens it up in a new window or

a new tab and so then they don’t leave

your site they don’t have to leave your

site once they’re done on the

third-party site or once they’re done

checking out the PDF or anything else

they can just click off the tab and

that’ll that’ll put them right back to

your site so that’s that is what that is

used for those purposes so once we have

that we can save it and refresh check on

our menu and there is our PDF download

so what I did it’s just got the pound

sign for the link so it basically just

links right back to this page so if we

click it opens up in a new window and

tab and that is it for the editing the

WordPress menu as you go on and make

more and more changes to the menu you

you will definitely get the hang of it

more and more each time you add new

things to it and reorder things put

items and sub menus and just do all the

different options that the menu provides

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